NY Snacks – Top 10


Post Image - FIKA

There are now 10 locations in New York City for this wonderful family-run Swedish coffee shop and bakery. FIKA (fee-kah) translates roughly to: taking a coffee break with something sweet or savory. Don’t waste effort resisting a cinnamon roll at FIKA when you visit their first Central Park South shop.

Gotham Market West

Post Image - Gotham Market West

Go with a friend or colleague. You’ll both find what you’re craving in this food hall slash New York snacks utopia. Ice cream or warm comfort food – it’s all inside Gotham West Market.

Peanut Butter & Co.

Post Image - Peanut

We like to kid owner Adam Shapiro about trying to make New Yorkers nicer with his sandwiches, and he isn’t denying anything.

Pickle Guys

Post Image - Pickle Guy

Pickle people so proud of what they do that their website boasts about the “pickly smell” wafting through the neighborhoods of their two locations.

Meatball Shop

Post Image - Meatball

Meatballs on brioche. It may be difficult to beat The Meatball Shop in the category of “Most Satisfaction Per Bite.”

Gray's Papaya

Post Image - Grays Papaya

When what you really want is a New York dog, you really want Gray’s Papaya. People also seek out their juicy, Pina Coloda’y, Champagne’y daytime drinks, which always hit the spot.

Hole In The Wall

Post Image - Hole In The Wall

Coffee the way it is supposed to be… made by a neighbor and ready in about a minute – all on my walk to work. They serve a “Cortado,” an espresso with very little milk. It’s my early morning pick up. Hole in the Wall makes it perfectly and I haven’t seen it anywhere else in New York.

Rice To Riches

Post Image - Rice to Riches

Hearty snacking with a sense of humor. Signage like, “No Skinny Bitches,” welcomes everyone for a shameless treat like French Toast flavored rice pudding.

Greenacre Park

Post Image - Greenacre park

Pocket Parks, like Greenacre Park, NYC, are terrific places to spend quiet moments during the day. With a snack, or in place of one, a few moments spent here is a zen snack for your soul. It’s serene there – I feel centered after a few moments’ time at Greenacre Park.


Post Image - SMAC

Irresistible Mac N’ Cheese. S’MAC serves up cheesy smothered noodles. The good kind of cheesy.