Chef Adin Langille: Thanksgiving at fabrick

Chef Adin Langille, the chef who opened fabrick restaurant in NYC's midtown.
Chef Adin Langille, the chef who opened fabrick restaurant in NYC's midtown.

A Conversation with Chef Adan Langille

Chef Adin Langille is fabrick restaurant’s easy to be with, down to earth chef.  His food is trending in social media images and on the eager tongues of Midtown diners and Archer Hotel New York guests.

“I’m most thankful for my fiancé and the strong support of my staff and our friends at Archer Hotel.” – Adin Langille

How did you decide to become a chef, and why in New York?

I was really into art when I was younger and I saw how food could be a medium for sculpture. I chose New York because it’s the cultural and cuisine mecca of America.

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What is special about the food you create in the kitchen today?

I would say I really focus on traditional technique and flavors. Diving into different cuisines from around the world and learning new recipes and dishes is something that excites me.

Do you have a philosophy which guides you in your career?

Yes, a couple. First of all, every chef is only as good as his team. Secondly, chef means leader, and I don’t train cooks, I train chefs.

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Who fixes holiday meals for you? How about for your team? (Do you all cook at home also, or go home and leave it in the hands of friends and family?)

I normally work during the holidays. If I do catch a holiday off, though, I’ll do the cooking.

How do you describe the feel of the kitchen at fabrick?

It is positive, energetic, focused when busy but also, we do have fun when we can.

Kitchens can be stressful places on Thanksgiving Day. What are some typical errors home chefs often make when making holiday meals?

The biggest thing that I notice from home cooks is non-balanced flavors. The use of salt, fat and acids is incredibly important for balancing a dish and is often overlooked by home cooks.

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Tell us something about your Thanksgiving Day menu at fabrick. What is the one dish you’re most proud of this Thanksgiving?

The Turkducken roulade with butternut squash risotto – it is a modern take on a rustic traditional Thanksgiving dish.

Can you share a fewThanksgiving Day hacks with our readers before they brave preparation of the holiday meal?

  • Pre-set cold items in bowls in the fridge so they can be served quickly
  • Drop the oven to warming temp, 160-180 when finishing so you can have hot bowls in the oven and when you serve, you can take everything out and serve it at the same time.
  • Buy turkey bones or legs and make gravy a day in advance. You can get the bones at any butcher or supermarket.