Staying In: NY New Year’s Eve to Remember


Kir Royale

Have the ingredients on hand to mix up a cocktail for a night to remember.  The simplicty of this two ingredient cocktail adds to it’s sophistication and the likelihood that you’ll have time to whip up a batch of them before the countdown is finished.

2 1/4 ounces, champagne

1/4 ounce, Creme de Cassis (a liquer made from black currants)

Pour the chilled champagne into a champagne flute and then add the Kir.  The cocktail stirs itself with a bubbly light show.

If you find yourself at a loss for something interesting to say when you hand this lovely cocktail to a guest, you can mention that this combination first became popular in the mid-1800’s in french cafes, and then later came back into fashion in the 1940’s as a french mayor Felix Kir drank and served the drink often to promote the products of his region after World War II.

Live Television Coverage

NBC’s live coverage of New Year’s Eve in Times Square will provide wonderful background noise and visual interest to help you start your little party at home.