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7 Fun Facts About Archer

It’s in the details: Hospitality, Archer-style

Walt Disney once said, “Do what you do so well that they want to see it again and bring their friends.” Archer — ever the consummate host — wholeheartedly agrees and works to ensure that this concept is rooted in every action and every detail throughout each Archer Hotel experience. Let’s explore seven fun facts about what makes Archer so uniquely Archer.

“Archer Hotel” vs. “the Archer Hotel”

Think of Archer Hotel as a person — your gracious host who ensures that your stay is all you envisioned, with pleasant surprises along the way. Archer isn’t “the Archer Hotel,” simply a hotel at which you happen to stay; Archer is “Archer Hotel” — a proper noun, much like Bloomingdale’s, Cartier and Ruth’s Chris Steak House, which properly takes care of you so that you return, bringing friends in tow.

Archer Hotel New York

Your consummate host and storyteller

Archer has a special knack for making his guests feel most welcome and comfortable when they choose to stay at an Archer Hotel. He’s the hotel’s visionary and host behind the scenes. As an enthusiastic adventurer and storyteller, he’s learned so much from the different regions and cultures he’s been exposed to — collecting bits of wisdom, tips of hospitality, storied art and varying perspectives along the way. Archer loves to share what he’s discovered in his travels with his guests. And it’s that connection, that feeling of welcoming and sharing, that makes each stay at an Archer Hotel memorable in distinguishing ways.

From the moment guests book their stay through the time they return home, Archer steps up as the host with the most. Communication is key to making the guest feel at home and well cared for, so a direct line of contact is established and maintained. Do guests need anything in advance of their arrival or throughout the stay? How about for the departure day? Archer and his staff are at the ready to ensure the complete delight of all guests.

For those traveling with children, Archer has a treasure chest chock-full of retro toys, such as Slinky and Etch A Sketch, plus toys linked to the region. Because Archer New York’s home is in the Garment District, one of the gifts is Alexander McQueen Fashions: Re-created in Paper Dolls, complete with three dolls and more than 30 costumes. Austin’s treasure chest includes a Texas Ranger souvenir badge and Batty the Bat, a TY Beanie Babies plush that’s a sweet nod to the city’s bats of Congress Avenue Bridge. Kids can choose a toy from each hotel’s chest — an unexpected take-home memento that pleases kiddos and parents alike.

Archer has created a custom deck of playing cards on which he shares tips of courtesy he has received from mentors the world over. It’s one small way of passing along information using a game that connects people — and hopefully gets them away from their digital lives — for a few moments. That time spent playing cards and reading about the art of shaking hands, the benefit of saying “I’m sorry” and how to say “Hello” in different languages not only helps the players be their best selves, it also gives rise to an abundance of conversation starters. Take a new deck home with you or as a souvenir for $10; it’s available in the lobby.

Arriving late or have the late-night munchies? Not a problem in the least. Archer’s midnight snacks, for example, are designed to make guests feel as though they’re raiding Archer’s fridge rather than ordering typical room service. In Burlington, the Midnight in Paris is a delicious ham, Gruyere and Dijon croissant sandwich — hot or cold, guest’s choice. Need a late-night cereal fix, just like at home? You got it, along with ice-cold milk.

Kid in Archer treasure chest — Archer Hotel Burlington

Sweets and treats

What makes Archer’s guests smile as they enter their room for the first time? The tray with a welcome amenity of bottled water, locally made salted caramels and a welcome note. Every evening, a turndown treat with an accompanying note is an additional sweet surprise. Each selection is regionally inspired, created by a local artisan or made in-house. In Napa, for example, chocolate-covered graham crackers from Northern California-based Kika’s Treats deliver delicious flavor with a kick of sweet nostalgia.

Welcome amenity — Archer Hotel Austin

Storied art

It’s no secret: Archer loves to travel. Through his adventures, he’s collected quite a collection of art, which he happily showcases throughout Archer. Especially fun is the fact that each piece has a local connection to the particular hotel.

Take, for example, the fifth floor of Archer Hotel Napa. The corridor is brimming with colorful, witty works of art by California native (and St. Helena’s most famous former postman) Marvin Humphrey. With an art degree from San Diego State, where he was the cartoonist for the Daily Aztec newspaper, plus more than 40 years of painting experience, Humphrey created this quirky collection especially for Archer.

Stay in Florham Park’s Classic King Guest Room, and you’ll be enchanted by the work of The New York Times’ master photographer, Fred R. Conrad. In his “Geometries” series, Conrad captures gorgeous architecture using slow photography — using exposures that may take nearly an hour. Archer chose Conrad’s “The Loew’s Jersey Theater in Jersey City” black-and-white photo, which he shot in the theater’s balcony. It captures the stunning, detailed architecture of this famous Journal Square 1920s-era theater.

“The Loew’s Jersey Theater in Jersey City” by Fred R. Conrad — Archer Hotel Florham Park

The sleep experience

When it comes down to it, one of the most important aspects of any hotel is how well guests sleep. Because Archer has traveled the world and has been able to test a wide variety of beds, pillows and bedding, he insisted that his guests’ sleep experience would be second to none. The only acceptable course of action? Find the most incredible beds that rival five-star hotels. And that he did.

The Simmons plush mattresses offer state-of-the-art sleep technology while being oh, so comfortable. Über-soft linens feel simply amazing to the touch, and a fresh-white goose feather down duvet helps usher in a great night’s sleep.

And the pillows — did we mention the pillows? — are seriously just what you need for true comfort. High-quality down pillows with two firmness levels? But of course; pillows are quite the personal thing. Hypoallergenic fill options? Absolutely. And when you decide that you want (nay — need) these pillows for everyone in your home or the comfy mattress for your master bedroom, just visit for details.

Archer’s King Suite Bed — Archer Hotel Austin

“Book Direct” bonus

Archer offers guests who book direct at an arrival gift: a Destination Joker, inspired by Archer’s deck of playing cards. This card provides an amenity credit that guests can use throughout the hotel on anything except toward room rates — a fun bonus for guests to decide if they’d like to use it toward an appetizer or meal, for a glass of wine or hand-crafted cocktail, for a snack in The Market or on a curated souvenir. Destination Jokers can be collected and combined, as well — that’s a sweet deal.

Did somebody say, “Earn free nights”? Why, yes — Archer said it! Guests who book direct with Archer and collect one Destination Joker from three different Archer Hotels (Austin, Burlington, Florham Park, Napa, New York, Redmond) create what’s called an Archer Flush, which earns them one free night for a future stay at the Archer of their choice.

Not only can guests earn free nights, they can be surprised with a Class Act Card worth $10. If a member of Archer’s team notices a guest doing something kind or thoughtful that represents a card from Archer’s playing cards, the guest may receive a Class Act Card. Just like a Book Direct Bonus, a Class Act Card can be used throughout the hotel (again, not toward room rates) or saved and combined with future credits.

Archer Flush — Archer Hotel Florham Park


We’re a photographic-frenzied society these days and, as such, we are snap-happy at all hours of the day. At Archer Hotel, we’ve noticed that our guests take photos of the Austin staircase with galloping mustangs or underneath the “Hey Baby” neon sign, or the rooftop view from Archer Hotel Napa’s Sky & Vine® Rooftop Bar, from New York’s rooms with the excellent vantage of the Empire State Building, or in front of large-scale wallflower art in Burlington.

But our most popular Instagram photos by far include (drumroll, please) Archer’s slippers! The whimsical black slippers with white mustaches and purple slippers with red lips are snapped time and again — in the room, around the hotel, throughout city adventures. Our guests take them along for the ride and post some of the most quirky, fun pics around. This cute pup posed sweetly with a slipper. And yes — Archer is dog-friendly and the slippers are complimentary for our guests to take them home as a useful Archer memento.

Photo courtesy of @doodlecoco

Perhaps the best thing about Archer is that more good surprises are always around the proverbial corner. Now that you have a better idea about what to expect, it’s time to see for yourself. Embark on your next adventure with Archer, and be prepared to be blown away.   Your room is ready.

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