General Manager or Head of House at Archer Hotel New York?

The ceiling view in the lobby at Archer Hotel


Michele Mangino is the General Manager of the soon-to-open Archer Hotel New York.  Her previous hotel experience includes time at the Millennium Broadway (750 rooms and 100,000 square feet of meeting space).  She is no stranger to hard work or high standards.  Archetypechecked in with Michele to find out how the opening process is going behind the stately facade of the new building on West 38th Street in Midtown Manhattan.

Being a New York hotelier makes her part of a distinct professional community of vendors, service providers, professional service people and clients.  Whether she is working at a “big box” hotel or a more personal boutique property (enter Archer and the next chapter of Michele’s career), she describes the Hotel community in New York City as warm and small.

When we asked what makes Archer Hotel New York a unique project, Michele glows:

“First, our team is made up of 100% “good fit” choices.  Our Director of Housekeeping pitches in to make sure the standard operating procedures at the Front Desk are in sync with those in Housekeeping so that everyone can deliver their best work.  Our Front Office team members are creative, and our Engineering department works tirelessly to finish guest room details.  The sales team is connected in our community already, and there is an electric feeling here in our building.  We each have work to do, but we look out for each other to the extent that employees new to the city check in once they get home so that everyone on the team knows they are safe and sound.  This is turning into a family and I’m proud of all of them already.  I am thrilled to be working on a project that includes the personal care of every guest who checks in, rather than focusing on how many (hundreds of) people we can check in and out in a day.”

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When she talks about the building, known as “the property” in hotel terms, Ms. Mangino almost coos:

“We are combining beautiful physical elements of style from the past, the present, and what we think will be the future of gracious style.  Very lately, the lobby area is nearing completion – it is striking.  I am caught off guard as I see the pieces of the puzzle fit together so smoothly and I am so impressed that the design team could imagine all of this.  People simply must come and see Archer Hotel in person to understand.  It’s beautiful.  I’m lucky to work at such beautiful hotel.”

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Next steps?

There are many, many steps and punch lists to complete before opening day.  Having worked under Leona Helmsley’s leadership early in her career inspires Michele to teach her team attention to detail, though she thinks she can get it done with a slightly softer touch.  Michele is ready to bring on the rest of the in-house team/family.  She says it will be a completion of the “before” part of this property opening and the beginning of the “during” part of finding a rhythm and offering an outstanding guest experience.  She points out items, like the inclusion of some of Archers’ favorite books as nighttime reading material in guest rooms and locally procured turn-down treats (to include cupcakes from Baked By Melissa) which will push Archer Hotel New York forward as a stand out in its market.

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