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NY Snacks – Top 10


There are now 10 locations in New York City for this wonderful family-run Swedish coffee shop and bakery. FIKA (fee-kah) translates roughly to: taking a coffee break with something sweet or savory. Don’t waste effort resisting a cinnamon roll at FIKA when you visit their first Central Park South shop.

Gotham Market West

Go with a friend or colleague. You’ll both find what you’re craving in this food hall slash New York snacks utopia. Ice cream or warm comfort food – it’s all inside Gotham West Market.

Peanut Butter & Co.

We like to kid owner Adam Shapiro about trying to make New Yorkers nicer with his sandwiches, and he isn’t denying anything.

Pickle Guys

Pickle people so proud of what they do that their website boasts about the “pickly smell” wafting through the neighborhoods of their two locations.

Meatball Shop

Meatballs on brioche. It may be difficult to beat The Meatball Shop in the category of “Most Satisfaction Per Bite.”

Gray's Papaya

When what you really want is a New York dog, you really want Gray’s Papaya. People also seek out their juicy, Pina Coloda’y, Champagne’y daytime drinks, which always hit the spot.

Hole In The Wall

Coffee the way it is supposed to be… made by a neighbor and ready in about a minute – all on my walk to work. They serve a “Cortado,” an espresso with very little milk. It’s my early morning pick up. Hole in the Wall makes it perfectly and I haven’t seen it anywhere else in New York.

Rice To Riches

Hearty snacking with a sense of humor. Signage like, “No Skinny Bitches,” welcomes everyone for a shameless treat like French Toast flavored rice pudding.

Greenacre Park

Pocket Parks, like Greenacre Park, NYC, are terrific places to spend quiet moments during the day. With a snack, or in place of one, a few moments spent here is a zen snack for your soul. It’s serene there – I feel centered after a few moments’ time at Greenacre Park.


Irresistible Mac N’ Cheese. S’MAC serves up cheesy smothered noodles. The good kind of cheesy.

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