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Archer’s Favorite Austin Brunch Spots


The world’s tastiest portmanteau (port·man·teau)

What’s a portmanteau? Can you eat it? Well, no… A portmanteau is the blending of two existing words to create a new, unique word.

Breakfast + Lunch = Brunch (the best meal).

The combination of the two is a meal that’s not entirely breakfast, nor lunch—It’s fluffy and tender ricotta pancakes served with juicy and crisp fried chicken and license to have a cocktail—judgment free.

While debates rage about if brunch is a good thing, and what your brunch order says about you (#avocadotoast), chances are you’re already indulging or at least curious about the cult phenomenon. In fact, according to Google Trends, searches for brunch have been constantly growing since 2004. To tempt your tastebuds, we reached out to Archer’s trusted concierges to find Austin’s best brunches.

Foreign & Domestic

Sunday 10.30-2.30
Sunday brunch recently returned to this North Loop restaurant. Chock full of brunch-favorite menu items like fried chicken and sweet potato waffles, fluffy cottage cheese pancakes, and succulent pastrami pork belly. All that eating will leave you thirsty, wash it all down with cherry lime mimosas or gourmet coffee.

St. Genevieve

Saturday 11.00-2.00 | Sunday 11.00-3.00
Walkable from the Archer Austin, St. Genevieve’s brunch has been so popular they expanded to Saturday. With offerings like sticky/sweet English toffee pancakes with brandied bananas and Nutella and a massive DIY Bloody Mary Bar, it’s not hard to see why customers can’t get enough in one day.

St. Genevieve

Second Bar + Kitchen

Saturday 11.00-3.00 | Sunday 11.00-3.00
The team at Second Bar + Kitchen in the Domain NORTHSIDE location is thrilled to be bringing back their iconic brunch selection. They offer an extensive menu but look no further than their crispy French toast. We won’t ruin the surprise by telling you what makes it crispy, you’ll have to find out for yourself.

Second Bar + Kitchen

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