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Archer’s Timeless Tips – New Hotel Rewards Program

Archer's timeless tips

Playing Card with Archer tips

Sincerity is a key element of the operating culture at Archer Hotel New York.  Part of being sincere is showing the highest possible consideration for other people, or more simply “showing good manners.”   Rather than surrendering to harried times and allowing that gentlemen and gentlewomen are beings of past eras, Archer insists that they abound throughout New York City.

A hotel staffer served as Archer’s scribe, chronicling a few dozen of his favorite pieces of advice during the phases of hotel design, construction and team training.  The list became known as “Archer’s Timeless Tips,” and was too interesting to be maintained as an internal document.

Archer’s Timeless Tips are guides for everyday graciousness.  To make the tips more digestible than a book or training guide might be, Archer created a deck of cards which can be considered and mastered one at a time with motivating perks befitting a unique hotel rewards program. Each card bears a different message meant to be useful for hotel staff, local business partners and guests alike as we all endeavor to improve our comportment.

A deck of Archer Playing Cards may be purchased at Archer Hotel New York for $15.  The deck is part of Archer’s curated souvenir collection and makes a sharp gift, a subtle set of reminders for a colleague or loved one, or a tool to improve one’s own personal game.  The Timeless Tips are also an actual deck of playing cards, and we hope you find them both practical and fun.

Graciousness = Green $

Prizes always make games more fun, yes?  To engage our team and registered guests in the fun of raising collective graciousness, Archer created an interactive game with multiple ways to win.

Hotel rewards program details

One way guests may win is to be observed exhibiting key traits suggested by Archer’s Timeless Tips.  These guests will receive a “Class Act” playing card worth $10 at the hotel.  Visit Archer’s complete game instructions page to find out how your most winning characteristics can actually make you, well, a winner! It’s a playful way to engage guests in a hotel rewards program with immediate and meaningful (valuable) prizes.

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