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Austin Girlfriend Getaways by Ages + Stages

Updated May 2022

Girlfriend getaways. They fill us up, bring balance to our lives and remind us to let down our hair and up the fun factor.

It’s all about the special time and space to connect with what we love about life — unhurried conversations and uncontrollable laughter with our besties. Throw in a change of scenery and five-star bedding and we’re talking wonders.

One such space is Archer Hotel Austin, our Texas-chic hotel. It blends the warmth of Texas wildflowers and limestone with the cool, eclectic soul of Austin. Here, the pace is different. Waking in the comfort of five-star bedding, the mornings stretch endlessly. Wrapped in kimono Frette cotton robes, girlfriends begin the day with laughter continued from last night or the last decade. They make the hardest decisions of the day: Breakfast in bed or on a sunlit patio? A day of relaxation or adventure? Whatever it may be, it’s right outside your door: Archer’s poolside cabanas and generous amenities, shopping, dining and nightlife at The Domain and Domain NORTHSIDE. All this adds up to a getaway that’s perfectly refined, relaxed and maybe even a little rowdy, if that’s on the wish list.

Whether it’s being out until 2 AM or being in bed at 10 PM (no kids!), some luxuries are defined by the stage of life you’re in. Whether you’re in your 20s, 30s, 40s or 50s or prefer being part of the “Don’t Ask” decades, Archer Austin offers timeless and tailored girlfriend getaway options that are easy and unforgettable.

Four girls sit in Archer Guest Room
Archer girls jumping on bed
A group of girls on Archer's balcony

Please join Archer Hotel Austin in celebrating women, friendship and life in all ages and stages.

Choose your Austin adventure, ladies:

20s Itinerary

30s Itinerary

40s Itinerary

50s Itinerary

“Don’t Ask” Decades Itinerary

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