David Burke
David Burke, founder of The Burke Group, is soon to do it again - with fabrick restaurant inside Archer Hotel New York

A conversation with David Burke

fabrick, a David Burke Group small plates restaurant, will be an elemental part of opening day of Archer Hotel New York. David Burke’s career as a chef, inventor, award winning innovator and author make him a fine partner for a new Midtown Garment District hotel looking to bring energy, unique style, and sincere service to guests.

Chef Burke answered some questions for Archetype about his newest eatery. Read on to find out what he has planned at fabrick for all of us.

What was the inspiration for fabrick at Archer Hotel New York? We are curious about the bird in your logo.

The weaver bird (also known as the weaver finch) was chosen because it is known as a very hard working bird.  They get their name because of their elaborately woven nests.  The bird is a perfect symbol for this new restaurant.  fabrick is about carefully inspired flavor combinations woven with expert technique.

That fits with the energy of new and traditional industry in The Garment District, and certainly in my restaurant group.  We work hard, like everyone in The Garment District does, and it produces a beautiful result.  We cannot wait for our opening day at the end of May.

Pink salt bricks

Why is everyone in the food world talking about pink bricks? Is it true that you hold a U.S. patent for your use of salt bricks?

Yes, I was looking for a new way to treat and age foods.  When I was designing the steakhouse in Chicago, I did it with aging meats in mind.  That is how I work best.  I think of something I’d like to try or do, and then I look for the best solutions available or I start working to invent one.  I came up with the idea of building a salt box to help age food, cut down bacteria, and provide great steaks.  It is a brick wall made of salt.  After many trials and some considerable adjustments to the idea (voila!) it worked.  I use Himalayan Salt Bricks, which are pink in appearance.  It’s something we think adds to the flavors we offer in a unique way.

What can first time David Burke restaurant guests and fans expect on the fabrick menu?

fabrick will offer small plates.  It is a restaurant which will encourage people to try new things. When dining out I love to enjoy several dishes off restaurant menus so here I wanted to combine the best of what I know about food, design, flow & function in a restaurant, breaking rules (sometimes) and having fun with an ease of sharing.  New York offers a savvy clientele, so it’s possible to try new things like we will be doing at fabrick.

David Burke Fabrick Logo

Which Fan-Favorite Burke Dishes Will Guests Be Able to Ask For (or beg for) at fabrick?

Begging? I don’t know about that, but I think we’ll offer a couple of things which people seem to like (and a smile creeps into Chef’s voice as he says):  People talk about and ask for the braised short ribs, so I’d like to offer them at fabrick at least some of the time.  We have a unique and gorgeous menu of flavors.  Mostly, the fabrick menu will be its own entity.

I want people to come to fabrick and to have a great time.  I want them to come say, “Hello” to Archer because he is a cool guy and this is a cool place.

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