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Home for the Holidays With Our Favorite Chefs

Holiday Recipes Well Worth Their Salt

The holiday season is here (jingle, jingle), and the entire Archer team is excited for this special time dedicated to gathering together (mingle, mingle) with those nearest and dearest. Along with reconnecting with loved ones, holiday recipes are what we love most about this time of year — you can almost smell the holiday spirit just thinking about them.

We thought it’d be fun to ask Archer’s culinary masterminds to share some of their favorite holiday recipes they make in their own homes. They joyfully accepted the challenge.

From our kitchens to yours — happy holiday cooking and bon appétit.

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

Jalapeño-Corn Fritters With Maple Cream Cheese

“These bite-size fritters are always a crowd favorite. With a bit of spice and the mellow sweetness from the maple syrup, plus the sweet-fried goodness of the corn fritters, what’s not to love?”

Jalapeño-Corn Fritters With Maple Cream Cheese recipe courtesy of executive chef David Bull —
Second Bar + Kitchen at Archer Hotel Austin

Jalapeño-corn fritters with maple cream cheese

Buttery Flake Rolls

“Everyone has a favorite holiday recipe that reminds them of good times gone by. This recipe from my grandmother brings back such great memories. Make these rolls, and you’ll get to smell the buttery goodness well before your first delicious bite.”

Buttery Flake Rolls recipe courtesy of director of F+B and chef Matthew Kraeling —
Archer’s Kitchen + Bar at Archer Hotel Burlington

Archer Hotel Burlington's director of food + beverage and chef Matthew Kraeling with his buttery flake rolls

Braised Beef Brisket

“Thanks to my mother, our family’s favorite holiday meal is her braised beef brisket recipe, along with some favorite sides. The meat is tender and velvety, and the simple side dishes are as delicious as they look.”

Braised Beef Brisket recipe courtesy of executive chef Lloyd Modeste —
Archer’s Kitchen + Bar at Archer Hotel Florham Park


Braised beef brisket with sweet potato puree and Trinidad macaroni pie


“Warm, chock-full of flavor and easy to make, this fish stew is a favorite among friends and family. It’s loaded with fish and seafood, fresh veggies and herbs (and wine — don’t forget the wine). Get ready to ladle some holiday love when you make this Italian-inspired meal.”

Cioppino recipe courtesy of executive chef Francisco Lopez Jr. —
Sky & Vine® Rooftop Bar and Charlie Palmer Steak at Archer Hotel Napa

Cioppino — photo courtesy of Damion Hamilton

Yule Log

“Delicate chocolate cake, rolled up in a beautiful crackled log — this yule log recipe always gets a ton of oohs and aahs when it makes its entrance at the holiday table. It’s a fun tradition, and it’s the first dessert to disappear. Have the recipe handy to pass out, because the crowd will ask for it, no doubt.”

Yule Log recipe courtesy of executive chef William Abel —
Archer’s Kitchen + Bar at Archer Hotel Redmond

Executive chef William Abel with his chocolate yule log

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