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NYC’s Top 10 Summer Cocktails

Supreme Summer Sipping in the City

Summers can be sizzling in New York City. How to not only survive the heat but have a grand time doing it? A tasty concoction would help cool things down while spicing up the scene. Below in no particular order are the well-tested and highly trusted recommendations of Jacob Cerda, chef concierge at Archer Hotel — NYC’s top 10 summer cocktails.

No. 1

Three fruit-flavored ice pops resting in three wine glasses filled with Prosecco
Photo courtesy of Conrad New York Downtown

What: The Prosecco and Ice Pop Cocktail

Where: Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar at Conrad New York Downtown

Deets: Rotating flavors of fruity People’s Pop ice pops are served in chilled prosecco or rosé from the tap at the rooftop bar. They’re also served with views of the Statue of Liberty, Hudson River and New York Harbor.

Jacob says: “A refreshing apple pop that wowed me — MUST, MUST, MUST TRY!”

No. 2

What: The El Burro

Where: Habanero Blues

Deets: The ginormous El Burro (aka The Donkey) is Habanero Blues’ tantalizing version of the Moscow mule. It’s made with Bulleit bourbon, ginger and fresh lime juice. Midtown Manhattan is the place to quench your thirst with all your best buds; bottoms up!

Jacob says: “You can share if you want to, or you can leave your friends behind.”

No. 3

What: The Spicy Margarita

Where: Maya

Deets: The Upper East Side is home to Maya, with modern Mexican cuisine, tableside guac, warm, Latin hospitality and award-winning margaritas and happy hours. This happy hour special includes jalapeño-infused tequila, lime, lemon, agave and a chili rim.

Jacob says: “Happy hour is every night until 11 PM! They rim the glass with chili powder — just the right amount of fire, leaving your mouth watering for another sip!”

No. 4

What: The Painkiller

Where: The Lost Lady

Deets: Truer marketing doesn’t exist; head over to Manhattan’s Alphabet City and try it for yourself. This potent yet piquant summer cocktail is made with seven different rums, coconut cream, fresh pineapple, orange, cane sugar and grated nutmeg.

Jacob says: “Two of these and you will be lost.”

No. 5

A stemmed glass with The Resurrection, a red cocktail, on a table with a red background
Photo courtesy of Ophelia NYC

What: The Resurrection

Where: Ophelia

Deets: Grey Goose vodka, Campari, lime, passion fruit and hibiscus make the Resurrection rise to the top of Jacob’s preference list at Ophelia. Sit back and enjoy the flavor of this tempting summer cocktail while soaking in the architecture, art and vistas from the 26th floor of the Beekman Tower.

Jacob says: “The view here is the best in the city, and the drinks are all amazing — but this one is my top pick.”

No. 6

What: The Mai Tai

Where: Death & Co

Deets: When you’re ready for an authentic cocktail experience, visit Death & Co in the East Village. This one gets high marks all around. This classic shaken cocktail is made with Habitation Velier Worthy Park 2007 Jamaican rum (yum!), Créole shrubb, lime, orgeat and Angostura.

Jacob says: “One of my all-time favorites. Love a mai tai and free Wi-Fi.”

No. 7

What: The Pomegranate Mojito

Where: Bodega 88

Deets: Once a corner store, the owner of Bodega 88 changed the Upper West Side bodega into a sporty tapas bar. Marrying the exotic flavor of pomegranate with the freshness of mint, this fruity mojito blends Bacardi Silver rum, pomegranate liquor, lime, agave and mint.

Jacob says: “This guy made his bodega into a bar. Love the story and the space.”

No. 8

A mixed drink being placed on a cocktail napkin on a dark bar, with bottles of alcohol in the background
Photo courtesy of Brockmans Gin.

What: The Blueberry Bramble

Where: The Penrose

Deets: What goes down easily on a sweltering summer day (or any other day, for that matter)? The Blueberry Bramble, with Greenhook gin, lemon and blueberry. Get yours at The Penrose on Manhattan’s Upper East Side and you’ll see why it’s one of the bar’s most frequently requested concoctions.

Jacob says: “The sweetness of the blueberries makes this one of my favorite summertime treats.”

No. 9

A pink Froze cocktail being held up with the Empire State Building and blue sky in the background
Sip Archer’s Frozé and savor the Empire view from the 22nd-floor Spyglass Rooftop Bar

What: The Frozé

Where: Spyglass Rooftop Bar at Archer Hotel New York

Deets: The über-popular Frozé has Champagne, rosé and vodka — frozen — which makes it an ideal adult beverage for summertime in the city. Archer’s 22nd-floor rooftop bar serves up this summer cocktail deliciously, so you can sit back and chill with one of the hottest views in town.

Jacob says: “Yes, please.”

No. 10

Five martini glasses in a row on a table, each filled with a single-color martini, and a brick wall in the background
Five fruit-flavored Kaleidoscope Martinis at Archer Hotel New York

What: The Kaleidoscope Martini

Where: Spyglass Rooftop Bar and Foyer Bar at Archer Hotel

Deets: In celebration of WorldPride/Stonewall 50, Archer Hotel New York on 38th Street proudly offered not one but five iterations of the gorgeous Kaleidoscope Martini during June 2019. Much like vodka sours, these martinis are Insta-worthy, for sure. They come in five wonderful fruit flavors and the colors of the rainbow flag. And an added benefit: A portion of the proceeds benefited The Center in New York City.

Jacob says: “Each one of these beauties is a work of art — pretty, with a purpose.”

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