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Pumpkin Old Fashioned

Bartender measuring a drink in a jigger

Pumpkin Old Fashioned

This custom version of a Pumpkin Old Fashioned will be on the bar menus at Archer Hotel New York all through the fall season.

Pumpkin Old Fashioned at Spyglass Rooftop Bar
Pumpkin Old Fashioned at Spyglass Rooftop Bar


Pumpkin purée – 1 T.
Breckinridge bourbon – 2 oz.
French Combier – 1 oz.
Maple syrup – a whisper (1/2 oz.)
Orange Bitters – 2 dashes
Orange wedge – 1/4


When shaking this sweet and spicy cocktail (pictured above), be thorough so that the pumpkin purée will round out well.

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