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The Sweet Life, Lower East Side Treat Stop

White dessert buffet by Sweet Life in New York
Dessert buffet in white, by The Sweet Life NY

A Salty sweet welcome awaits guests at Archer Hotel New York. A good host welcomes friends and guests with little surprises when they visit. Thoughtful welcoming of guests to Archer Hotel New York is no exception. After check in, guests are encouraged to take a moment and savor their arrival in New York City with locally sourced items like bottled water and salted caramels from Historical Lower East Side treat shop The Sweet Life.

The surprises continue throughout each guest’s stay. Each evening, turndown service includes a different treat from a neighborhood bakery or shop. An example of this tradition was on Thanksgiving Day when guests returned to their rooms to find a pair of miniature handcrafted holiday pies made by pastry chef, ZacYoung.

Sweet Tweets Buffet candies in jars

The Sweet Life and Archer (Friends in Service)

The Sweet Life has been in the business of satisfying cravings since 1982 and is a quintessential New York partner for anyone needing a special caterer for dessert. Won’t you be better remembered for serving a veritable buffet of treats instead of just a slice of cake? The Sweet Life is Manhattan’s Lower East Side treat buffet aficionado (they know that we all miss those paper spools of candy buttons). The idea of adding a squirt of whimsy to an otherwise serious meeting or event is something the team at Archer considers essential to hosting guests well.

Committing to having fun with hotel guests requires advanced planning to ensure that hotel guests make unique and positive memories each night during their stays. Archer happened upon one of the Salted Caramels at The Sweet Life and knew they were special enough to be added to the Archer Hotel New York experience. Curating surprises for guests is the first step, and follow through is detailed business. Baked items must be fresh daily, which requires thoughtful ordering and careful handling of scores of yummy treats each day.

This detailed labor is part of the positive energy at Archer Hotel New York. It’s part of the pleasure they take in being different, more like hosts in a home than at a hotel, and current on which neighborhood shops make the tastiest treats.

The Sweet Life exterior

Sweets for you, too

To get in on this sweet fun, stop by Archer’s Curation Shop to purchase a bag for your sweetie (you’ll need an extra bag for the road) or see where the magically sweet and savory chews originate.  They taste like something fun that happened once when you were a kid, if you could just put your finger on it…  ah, well.  Have another caramel and maybe it will come back to you.

The Sweet Life Logo

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