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Violet Sky at AKB Austin 12 Months of Cocktails: January

12 Months of Cocktails

As the consummate host, Archer loves to invite one and all to raise a glass and share in a toast. In that same spirit of adventure (and with Dry January wrapping up), his buzzy AKB hotel bar is kicking off 12 Months of Cocktails for 2023.

Each month at one AKB location, we’ll share the story of a signature libation — its inspiration, its essence — along with a tempting photo worth a thousand words (and a reservation at said AKB).

Without further ado, we invite you to AKB Austin at Archer Hotel to experience January’s signature cocktail: the Violet Sky.

Nomayo’s Corner — a crafted cocktail at AKB Tysons

Archer’s nod to Austin’s Violet Crown

Sunsets evoke all sorts of warm, fuzzy feelings no matter where in the world they’re witnessed. But in Austin, by all accounts, they’re gloriously stunning — awash in lavender with touches of pinks and strokes of oranges that stop time, if only for a moment. Archer’s tribute to this nightly natural display known as the Violet Crown? The Violet Sky, a picturesque cocktail on the inventive beverage menu at AKB Austin.

Austin's colorful close of day — "Austin" by Kenneth Hagemeyer is licensed under CC BY-ND 4.0

The Violet Sky at AKB Austin

A joint effort by AKB Austin’s barkeeps, the Violet Sky cocktail mimics Austin’s colorful sunsets.

It’s an inviting concoction of house-infused butterfly blue gin, bittersweet Aperol, sparkling water, citrus syrup and a topper of sliced lemon (aka the setting sun).

The Violet Sky — a sunset cocktail at AKB Austin

Get Inspired at Sunset Hour

Stop in at AKB Austin — opening January 25 — for your own Violet Sky. Come for Sunset Hour (Archer’s elevated version of happy hour) to raise a toast to this magical city and savor shareable, vibrant fare. And snap a pic with yours in hand in front of the Texas-inspired, complementary mural, “Reminds Me of You.” Meant to be photographed and shared with friends in the spirit of “wish you were here,” Archer’s photogenic mural is a collage of Austin iconography soaked in the color palette of Austin’s sky at sunset.

The Violet Sky cocktail + the “Reminds Me of You” mural: Only Archer knows which inspired the other

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