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Hello, Archer Here.

Welcome to the Archer Hotel brand standards website. It has been designed to give you an easy-to-access guide to reference when communicating about or on behalf of Archer Hotel.

These guidelines are designed to reinforce the Archer Hotel brand by creating consistencies across communication channels. Here you will find logos, colors, fonts and more. The site is meant to be a comprehensive resource for our hotels and vendors, but our brand and marketing team is always available and it's our pleasure to assist you. Just click the Contact tab to connect with someone on our team.

Brand Overview

The Archer Hotel brand is unique and has been thoughtfully curated to reflect the shared passion that Archer and his guests have for discovering new experiences through travel. The brand itself is a reflection of Archer, hence every aspect of the Archer brand is designed to embody his personality. From our website to our sales tools and each touchpoint with a guest, every communication must reflect Archer. The result will be a clear and consistent brand identity and ensure that we do not dilute his distinct style and brand.

Meet Archer

Archer is the hotel's visionary and host behind the scenes - a creative connoisseur with a passion for the new and the interesting.

He's the consummate gentleman who sees his hotels as luxe accommodations for his guests to visit and experience locally curated moments.

Archer's goal is to create thoughtful, gracious moments of hospitality. He is a distinctly human host. So, everything he does feels very personal - and very different than a corporate host hotel. Our mantra... "What would Archer do?"

Brand Promise

Archer Hotel is a collection of boutique hotels. The brand's carefully curated experiences are a reflection of Archer - storyteller, adventurer, connoisseur, humorist and pen name of our consummate host- all embodied through considered tastes, textures and the unexpected. From first encounter to turndown, our hosts philosophy is ever-present. Ever-accommodating. Ever-inspiring. Ever-aspirational.

Every property evokes the creatives soul of its community with unexpected curated luxuries and an authentic staff dedicated to service. Nothing less will do.

Brand Tone

Who Archer is, and how our guests see themselves.

  • Sophisticated
  • Authentic
  • Adventurer
  • Connoisseur
  • Creative
  • Thoughtful

Brand Values

What Archer stands for, and what our guests seek.

  • Service
  • Imagination
  • Discovery
  • Personalization
  • Independence

Brand Mission

Sincere. Stylized service. Delivered by the consummate host.

Target Market — Savvy Global Travelers

Our guests are traveling for a different reasons; to visit a boardroom, to celebrate an occasion or just to explore the destination from their guest room. But they share common characteristics:

  • They have stayed there, done that. They are not first timers.
  • They are very aware. Nuances matter.
  • They appreciate the smaller, finer things.

Voice Overview

The tone of our communications reflects Archer's distinct personality. His approach is polished, yet genuinely warm with no hint of pretention or unnecessary fluff. Content is written to be insightful, yet straightforward with a wonderful sense of wit.

Archer Name Usage

The full name of our brand is Archer Hotel. When referring to Archer Hotel, the company or property, "Hotel" is capitalized. Our legal name is Archer Hotel, singular, not Hotels. We do not refer to the company or a property as The Archer.

These same rules apply for each hotel property. There are two appropriate references for a specific Archer Hotel location. Either Archer Hotel Location or Archer Location (i.e. "Archer Hotel New York", Archer New York, "Austin", "Napa", etc.).

Archer Signature Usage

Archer's signature is a personalized, human-element cap to a note or communication written from Archer or using his name. It adds an emotional connection, with a level of appreciation. Archer's signature is solely utilized when communications come directly from him or use his likeness.

In instances of communication from the hotel, or from one of Archer's hosts, please use an iteration of the Archer Hotel logo.

Archer Signature Minimum Suggested Size:

  • Print: 1.25 inches wide
  • Digital: 90 pixels wide at 72 dpi

Hotel Signature Minimum Suggested Size:

  • Print: .47 inches wide
  • Digital: 34 pixels wide at 72 dpi
Signature Usage

To help illustrate the Archer experience, the brand utilizes excerpts from guests and media. Excerpts should be utilized sparingly and must add color and relevancy to a topic. All attributed and quoted (see example below) content must be previewed and approved by the marketing department at Archer Hotel.

"Would I stay here again? In a heartbeat."

TrenDO6, TripAdvisor

"Walls made of belts, poolside gourmet eats and special turndown service make this spot standout"

PaperCity Magazine

Color Overview

Archer brand elements use a simple, primary palette of black and white. However, this palette can be accented sparingly with one of the primary colors listed below. The use of these exact colors is critical for brand cohesion and identity. In addition, shades of gray can be used in text to support the palette, exact shades listed as secondary colors below.

For most print applications, use PANTONE or CMYK colors.

  • Approved CMYK color values can be used for print applications if PANTONE colors are not available.
  • Approved RGB color values can be used for on-screen use such as PowerPoint presentations.
  • Approved HTML color values can be used for web applications.

Primary Colors


PMS 201C

27 100 80 23

152 30 50



PMS 261C

62 98 9 45

90 36 90




3 2 2 0

245 245 245



PMS 110C

0 20 90 20

204 153 51




0 0 0 100

0 0 0




0 0 0 0

255 255 255


Secondary Colors

Medium Dark

Cool Gray 9C

0 0 0 75

97 99 101


Medium Light

Warm Gray 3C

22 19 24 0

199 194 186


One-Color Use

Archer's signature components can appear as a positive or reversed one-color mark. The wordmark can be supported by the solid or outlined monogram. Both signature options are the preferred versions for print communications where the use of a secondary color is limited. However, the outlined monogram is the preferred version when a reversed onecolor mark must be used.

Always ensure significant contrast between the signature and background. Never distort or change the proportion of the components.

One-Color Use

Two-Color Use

Archer's secondary application is a two-color mark that can appear as positive or reversed. The wordmark can work with the solid or outlined monograms. Both signature options are suitable versions for print communications where the use of a secondary color is available to activate and punctuate Archer's presence. Marigold is the preferred color for the two-color mark, but can be exchanged with any color from the secondary palette.

Always ensure significant contrast between the signature and background. Never distort or change the proportion of the components.

Two-Color Use

Special Occasions

Digital Use

The solid brandmark is the preferred version for all digital applications such as broadcast, video, email, online, social and any electronic media.

Registered Trademark Use

The wordmark can appear without the registered trademark (®) wherever the ® could be large enough to cause distraction (i.e. any exterior/construction signage) or when the minimum size requirements for on-screen rendering and/or print legibility cannot be supported. If there is any question or confusion about its correct use, please contact Archer.

Trademark Use

Typography Overview

The use and style of typography is of equal importance to the Archer brand as identity and color.

Typography gives voice to the brand, speaking to the distinctly different characters, habits and behaviors of the audience. This section outlines Archer's typographic style.


The primary typeface for Archer is Gotham. From display to long-form body text, this typeface is suitable for most typographic needs. Gotham celebrates the attractive and unassuming letterin of the city. These letters are straightforward and non-negotiable, yet possess great personality and are always expertly made. From the lettering that inspired it, Gotham inherited an honest tone that's assertive but never imposing, friendly but never folksy and confident but never aloof.


The secondary typeface for Archer is Plantin. From display to long-form body text, this classic, serif typeface is highly legible for most typographic needs and helps to balance the masculine and geometric qualities of Gotham. Plantin, and the historical models that inspired it, are old-style typefaces in the French manner. Plantin is exceptionally legible and makes a classic, elegant impression. The firm modeling of the strokes and the serifs in the letters make the mass appearance stronger than usual. In short, it is an all-purpose face.

Proxima Nova

For website content, Promixa Nova (available through TypeKit) is the recommended substitute typeface for Gotham. For all other digital content (e-mail, presentations, etc.), Arial is a suitable substitute.

Plantin Web Font is the recommended substitute typeface for Plantin for web content. For all other digital content (e-mail, presentations, etc.), Times New Roman is a suitable substitute.

Media Overview

Visuals are an essential part of communicating the Archer Hotel brand and guest experience.

In the pre-opening phase of a hotel, the brand uses architectural renderings, teamed with brand amenity, location and lifestyle photography. In some instances, we build model rooms to finalize design development and are able to supplement visuals with model room photography.

After opening, the Archer Marketing team coordinates a full professional hotel photo shoot. Those hotel and detail images are the heroes of our hotel communication.

All brand and hotel specific approved visuals are available on our brand website.

Social Overview

While social media posts offer an opportunity to get a quick message out to a broad audience, care must be taken to ensure the tone stays on brand. This includes both the voice and the look. For complex offers, put the details in the comments area of the post, not in the image file itself.

When you post under the Archer name, you are representing the entire organization. The content should always promote at least one of the following areas:

Our Service Our Culture Our Locations Our Guest Experience Our Promotions Our Contributors

Hashtags & Usage

Archer New York

  • #archerhotel
  • #archernewyork
  • #archerhotelnewyork
  • #midtownNY
  • #visitNYC
  • #nychotels
  • #boutiquehotel
  • #tlpicks
  • #forbestravelguide
  • #cntraveler

Archer Austin

  • #archerhotel
  • #archeraustin
  • #archerhotelaustin
  • #austinhotels
  • #visitaustin
  • #domain
  • #domainnorthside
  • #boutiquehotel
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  • #cntraveler

Archer Napa

  • #archerhotel
  • #archernapa
  • #archerhotelnapa
  • #visitnapavalley
  • #donapa
  • #napahotels
  • #boutiquehotel
  • #tlpicks
  • #forbestravelguide
  • #cntraveler

Archer Burlington

  • #archerhotel
  • #archerburlington
  • #archerhotelburlington
  • #burlingtonma
  • #boston
  • #boutiquehotel
  • #tlpicks

Archer Florham Park

  • #archerhotel
  • #archerflorhampark
  • #archerhotelflorhampark
  • #morristown
  • #madisonnj
  • #boutiquehotel
  • #tlpicks

Archer Redmond

  • #archerhotel
  • #archerredmond
  • #archerhotelredmond
  • #redmondtowncenter
  • #boutiquehotel
  • #tlpicks

The Do's & Do Not's

  • Post content that highlights our passion for unparalleled service
  • Post content that is professional and, more importantly, appropriate
  • Proofread all captions and comments for grammatical errors
  • Post content that showcase our unique locations and/or offerings
  • Post favorable articles about Archer
  • Post content that is current and relevant in the travel industry
  • Think to yourself before posting, "What would Archer think if he read this post?"
  • Become familiar with the brand voice before posting. If you're uncertain, seek guidance from a social media rep
  • Always post sober
  • Keep accounts consistently updated

  • Do not post anything overly political and/or religious
  • Do not post anything that contains or links to indecent content
  • Do not post anything that contains libelous, defamatory or harassing content
  • Do not post anything that will shed negative light on any of our properties and/or personnel
  • Do not post anything that could be considered culturally insensitive and/or inappropriate
  • Do not disclose confidential information about guests, the company or coworkers
  • Do not post anything that violates copyright laws - if unsure, don't post it

Social Design

While social media posts offer an opportunity to get a quick message out to a broad audience, care must be taken to ensure the tone stays on brand. When creating new offers and messages, use these templates as a starting point. Adhere to these font choices and sizes. Be sure to stay within these margins to avoid covering up part of the desired message. For more complex offers, put the details in the comments area of the post, not in the image file itself.

Examples shown represent the absolute most content that should ever be placed on the image itself. Ideally, posts will consist of a simple headline, subhead/date or call-to-action and a logo.

Social Design

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