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1776 — AKB at Archer Hotel Falls Church 12 Months of Cocktails: July

The inspiration The Declaration of Independence

The founding document of the United States is one of the most consequential documents in American history. Drafted by Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Robert Livingston and Roger Sherman and signed by 56 delegates to the Second Continental Congress, the declaration announced that the 13 colonies were “absolved from all Allegiance to the British Crown.”

This world-changing declaration of freedom was the impetus for the formation of the United States of America — and it’s the inspiration for Archer’s 12 Months of Cocktails July offering. At AKB in Archer Hotel Falls Church (part of Archer’s independent boutique hotel collection), bartender Ty Minick and assistant general manager Roncel Camins worked together to create the 1776 in honor of Independence Day.

The Declaration of Independence

The 1776 AKB at Archer Hotel Falls Church

Served in a rocks glass, the 1776 starts with George Washington’s Rye Whiskey, which he founded and distilled in Mt. Vernon. (Fun fact: As one of the founding fathers and the U.S.’s first president, Washington was also one of the largest producers of whiskey.) The cocktail includes sweet vermouth, Campari, pineapple juice and a squeeze of lemon. The refreshing garnish — a summery blackberry and pineapple skewer — is presented on a cocktail sword that symbolizes the 13 colonies’ fight for freedom.

Join us for a 1776 at AKB in Archer Hotel Falls Church, where this signature cocktail is served through July 2023.



1 square ice cube
1/2 ounce George Washington’s Rye whiskey
1 ounce  sweet vermouth
1/4 ounce  Campari
1/2 ounce pineapple juice
1/2 lemon wedge
Stainless steel cocktail sword
1 blackberry
1 orange wedge

To a rocks glass, add the ice cube. Add the rye whiskey, sweet vermouth, Campari and pineapple juice. Squeeze the lemon onto the glass and garnish with an orange wedge and blackberry on the cocktail sword.


Thirsty for more? Join us all year long for 12 Months of Cocktails. Raise a glass to creative spirits with stories — every month of 2023, we’ll highlight a signature cocktail at one of Archer’s boutique hotels.

The 1776 — available exclusively at AKB in Archer Hotel Falls Church

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