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8 Ways to Spread Holiday Cheer the Archer way

“Treat others as you’d like others to treat you.” The Golden Rule — an ethic of reciprocity — is found in cultures and religions the world over. Compassion and empathy feed the sense of human caring; they’re a fundamental part of authentic hospitality.

In 2012, #GivingTuesday was created as “a day that encourages people to do good. … Every act of generosity counts and everyone has something to give.”

A helping hand, a lift in spirits, a much-needed donation, a thoughtful gift: These are just a few of the ways that Archer chooses to spread cheer throughout the holiday season — and all year long.

Pay it forward — Surprise a stranger by paying for the person behind you at the coffee shop, the car wash or the fast-food drive-thru. Leave gas cards on random cars. Take plain hamburgers and pet toys to the local humane society. Drop snacks off at the local fire station.

Give extra to those who make your day or take the best care of you — Up your regular tip for your hair stylist, nail tech, massage therapist, mail carrier, delivery and trash drivers and babysitter. Staying in a hotel? Leave your room attendant a tip of a few dollars a day; they’re the hardest-working people in hospitality — especially with today’s enhanced cleaning standards.

Buy a gift card for friend or relative — Who doesn’t love getting a gift card to a favorite restaurant or shop? Birthdays and holidays are great times to gift a card, and unexpected presents provide extra joy for both the receiver and the giver. Another fun option: the gift of adventure — give a gift card for a luxe vacay and seriously make their day.

Leave a compliment for your server on the check — A great tip is always appreciated; so is a fun thank-you message that shows your appreciation for their attentiveness.

Take time to call an old friend — Nothing fills up our emotional buckets quite like a good, long catch-up call with a good friend. Even if it’s just one friend a weekend, set aside a half-hour to find out how they’ve been, share news and laughs and fondly reminisce. It’ll do you both a world of good.

Photo by Sam Dan Truong on Unsplash

Donate old coats to local charity — When in Archer’s neighborhoods, these assistance organizations accept gently used and new coats:

Give to a local food bank — These organizations help to put food on the table in our communities. Most take food donations; others accept cash and volunteer donations:

Photo by Anna Tis from Pexels

Find out how you can help in your community — All ages and stages in our communities need assistance with physical and cash donations and volunteer efforts. Seek out the organization(s) that have meaning for you. Doing so will no doubt help your community and lift your spirits, as well. Here are some of our favorites:

Photo by Chris Hardy on Unsplash

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