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Favorite Finds – Manhattan Retail


Élevée is extremely thorough when it comes to men’s fashion: After making an appointment, the helpful staff will take thirty different measurements from the client to create a paper pattern, after which the fabrics and colors are selected to form a completely custom look.

Lou Lou Button

Roz came to the United States from Iran as a college student in order to study engineering.  Through a stroke of fate, he fell into the art of button making and is now one of the top button designers, with Broadway production and the Metropolitan Opera House among his clientele. His shop is worth a visit, if only to gaze in awe at the walls of buttons in all shapes and sizes.

Pilotage Fun & Hobby

By land, by sea, or by air, drive or fly your own remote control vehicle at this unique hobby shop. From simple rockets, like the ones built in science class, to the latest drone technology, there are gadgets and gizmos for all ages.

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