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Mens’ Fashion In NYC – Pocket Square Tutorial

Pocket sqares - Men's fashion tutorial

In New York City, fashion amongst men is back as a regular subject of interest.  Pocket squares, deftly tied bow ties, and mixed textiles for mixed purposes are back.  And how attractive New York looks for the change they bring to our streets.  Archetype thanks James Brooks of Bedford and Broome for his continued tutelage of Archer New York’s team.  He provided the two drawn tutorials included in this post, and our doormen provided the images of themselves doing their best to… well, to look their best.

Image instruction on how to fold a pocket square into presidential fold
Image instructions on how to fold a pocket square into the reverse puff

Pocket squares on Archer's Team

Mens-Fashion-Archer-Hotel-New York
Christopher Palotta

The team at the door and just inside Archer Hotel New York enjoys a good pocket fold.  The ones in these photos are part of a custom collection created by Bedford and Broome.  Here are a few of their smiling faces, their well appointed pockets and their fun answers to a few queries about “just who” works the front line for Archer.

What is good about working the door or the front office at Archer New York?

mens fashion
Michael Pierre Luis of Brooklyn

Will:  Meeting new people.  I am constantly meeting new people in this job.
Michael:  I like the freedom of working the door.  Being outside with people is refreshing.

Christopher:  The best part of this job is “People Watching.”  I see so many different types of people from all walks of life and they are fascinating.

Jonathon (not pictured):  Smiling at the ladies.

What makes a man "sharped dressed"

Michael:  Some of the trends I notice are nice fitting pants, and jeans with nice shoes but no socks.  Also, well dressed people seem to favor bow ties and suspenders.

Christopher:  I see a lot of doormen dressing well these days. There is a hotel in the East Village with a well dressed team… well, almost as well dressed as our team.

Ben:  Pocket squares are huge these days.  I’ve noticed nearly everyone wears one.

Sean Kincaid (not pictured):   Men in suits who have slicked back hair, shined shoes, and the occasional pocket square seem to get the most attention.

mens fashion
Will Luisa, Brooklyn

What's on your service manifesto?

Michael:  Keep smiling.  Keeeep smiling.

Christopher:  At the end of the day, I just like seeing the guests happy.  Seeing them smile tells me I did something right.

Ben:  Working at Archer ties directly into my acting aspirations. Interacting with guests is like a perfomace in many ways. It helps teach you to present yourself well, which is beneficial for auditions. I love being on Archer’s team.

Sean:  Making each guest’s experience as personal as possible makes a person good at serving.

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