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Announcing Archer Hotel Austin

Announcing Archer Hotel Austin

This week, Archer Hotel Austin becomes more than a really good idea.  It’s a lux-custom boutique hotel experience in the making, with a ground-breaking date snug in fall 2014.  Inspired by the buzz of the somehow both relaxed and energetic feel of Austin, Archer begins work on the second in a series of unforgettable properties.

Here are a few reasons why:

5.  Austin is weird.  It is more than a saying in Austin, it’s a proposal for maintaining a laid-back lifestyle while somehow making amazing things happen.  Being weird, Austin style, involves a freedom of spirit and a following of dreams.

4.  Austin is home to SXSW.  South by Southwest has become an international standard for fine arts festivals.  If you like music, love film, don’t mind occasionally trying to pretend not to be starstruck when you realize you are eating breakfast in the same restaurant as a celebrity, you’d love SXSW.   You might need to see it to know it, though.  (Come and see it).

3.  Austin is a favorite find for learning about Texas History in a non-boring setting.  It’s:  State Capitol, Texas style.   Presidential Library, LBJ style.  Fun with literary history and puns, O.Henry style.  It’s educational, and so fun that you may not even notice you’re learning.

2. Austin has food and beverage options and quality to challenge the world’s best.  From Happy Hours to fine dining, with some of the best BBQ in the country on offer, Austin does battle with any city in the category of “Best Regional Cuisine.”  You’ll find yourself bragging about what you tasted in Austin.


1.  Archer is building a custom Austin Boutique Hotel.  Think upscale patio living and culturally savvy architecture.

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