Archer here. Playing cards with friends or in a competitive setting is good sport and good fun. In a game, as in all endeavors, we aspire to be our best selves. I have been fortunate to have many mentors who have shared timeless tips of courtesy, which in turn I am pleased to pass along to you on our custom deck of cards. Enjoy the game.

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P.S. Take home an Archer Card Deck from our curated retail selection in the lobby for $15.

P.P.S. Collect a Destination Joker every time you book direct at and earn a $20 credit that can be used anywhere in the hotel except towards room rates.

If a member of Archer's team observes a guest displaying an act of kindness, courtesy or etiquette that represents a card from the deck, they may receive a Class Act Card.

  • Each Class Act Card is worth $10 and can be collected, combined and used throughout the hotel, including the lobby bar, restaurant, the in-room mini bar or for Archer's curated souvenirs, but not toward room rates.
  • Redeem the $10 credit during your current stay or collect and use on subsequent stays before the card expiration date.
  • Archer Hotel guests who are awarded a Class Act Card must present the card to the front desk to have the $10 credit added to their folio. The hotel does not track this information separately.