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About Lake Travis A Wonderful Way to Spend the Day

Packing up for the day (or the weekend) and heading to the lake is a step into another world. A world of bronzed skin, BBQ pits, and boat fueled escapades. When it comes to “the lake”, all are unique and worth exploring in their own right. But, around Austin, Lake Travis reigns supreme.

An enormous ode to man-made ingenuity “Lake Travis” is technically a reservoir. Built in 1941, the reservoir was created alongside the construction of Mansfield Dam. The hydroelectric dam generates power for the area using the over six hundred billion (yes, with a b) gallons of water that the lake holds. The 65-mile long river isn’t always full, but the numbers don’t lie. At its widest, Lake Travis is four and a half miles across and encompasses 271-miles of shoreline. Along the diverse shore, you’ll find picturesque homes, secluded coves and rocky cliffs worth exploring. But, the crown jewel of the lake is the world-class sunsets. Whether watching from the back of a boat, atop a stony cliff or with a drink in-hand at a lakeside restaurant, one thing’s certain—you won’t want to miss it.

Skylight paintings aside, many of us head to the lake because we either want to be behind the wheel or behind the wake of a speeding boat. Tubing, water skiing, wake surfing, the options are limitless. But, one key ingredient is a boat. Bring your own and take advantage of the plentiful “put in” ramps. Or, if you aren’t from the area or don’t own a boat, there are several great local places to rent one.

Looking for the lake’s outdoorsy escapism without the sound of a motor? Look to the shoreline for the perfect spot. The diversity of the terrain lends itself to a great selection of area parks. Whether you are looking for hiking, picnicking, grilling, or just good old cove swimming—you’ll have no problem finding it.

Lake Travis is full of amazing experiences and adventures for you to get out and discover. A short drive from Archer Austin, check back soon for a list of our favorite ways to spend the day.

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