NY Holiday Events – Something To Look Forward To

Three months of memorable NY Holiday Events are beginning and there is something to look forward to for everyone.  Archer offers a dozen delicious ideas for you to choose from, whether you are looking for a classic holiday favorite or something completely new.  Mmm… and Archer wants you to enjoy as many of them as you can.

New York City Chefs

1. New York Wine and Food Festival – October 16th-19th.

Get tickets to an event featuring your favorite chef, sommelier, wine or restaurant.  Just get tickets!  Visit the NYCWFF websites to find  a good date, neighborhood, price point and event for you and your friends.  There are events across the city during the festival weekend.  Cooking and wine classes, food demonstrations, events ranging from casual tastings to galas are all on the calendar for this year’s festival.  What a terrific place to hunt holiday menu ideas for your own table.

Bryant Park ice skating ring

2. The Winter Village at Bryant Park – October 21st – January 4th.

120+ holiday specialty shops and FREE outdoor Ice Skating make The Winter Village at Bryant Park a one-stop all-day way to spend time getting ready for and enjoying the upcoming holidays.  Rink-side glass-enclosed dining at Celsius continues through March 1st, 2015.  Bring a friend, your family, or someone you wish were more than a friend.  It will be cold enough to hold hands.

Dog dressed in Halloween outfit for the Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade

3. Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade – October 25th, 2014.

If you claim that a Halloween Dog Parade is nacho idea of fun, we think you should swing by the Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade to taco ’bout it.  This event ranks among New York’s quirkiest holiday celebrations and is one of Archer’s favorite finds for it’s sense of humor and whimsy.  The parade runs from 12:00 – 3:00pm, beginning on East 9th Street between Avenues A and B.  Archetype is willing to bet that this parade will make you smile.

Village Halloween Parade at night with people carrying ghosts

4. Halloween Village Parade – October 31st, 2014, at 7:00pm.

Ranging from darn cute to decidedly adult, the costume themes at New York’s most celebrated Halloween Parade make it a must-stop-and-see along the way to your Halloween night plans. Details on how to participate can be found at the Village Parade website.  Join in the fun as a spectator of this year’s, “Garden of Earthly Delights!” theme, on 6th Avenue from Spring to 16th Streets.

Starting line for the New York City Marathon with two motorcycles upfront

5. NYC 2014 Marathon – November 2nd, 2014.

Hosted this year by TATA Consultancy Services, the New York Marathon will reward the excited expectations the city crowds from Brooklyn, to the Bronx, to The East Side, to… well, you get the idea.  TCS calls the race a “26.2-mile block party through the world’s most diverse city.”  Who doesn’t love a block party?  Catch the running fever, which seems to be spreading across the U.S.

Find a spot to watch racers pass by and cheer for them while enjoying some fantastic costumes.  We recommend cheering in Williamsburg anywhere along Bedford Avenue (miles 9-12) or on 1st Avenue near 96th street (mile 18, where runners will really need your encouragement).  Remember that, much like when you attend a parade, there will be stretches of time during which you may not be permitted to cross certain streets.  The finish line is reserved for Grand Stand ticket holders.  Wear lots of layers and plan ahead.

Performers on stage at Radio City Music Hall Spectacular

6. Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular- November 7th – December 31st, 2014.

Have you seen the Radio City Musical Hall Christmas Spectacular in the past few years?  Did you know that the show changes every single year?  Get tickets and invite some magic into your holiday season this year. Some parts of the show do remain timelessly quintessential to any New York Holiday Events check list.  For example, the button-cute regiment of toy soldiers are back again.  If tradition and cuteness don’t attract you, perhaps you’d like to seeThe Radio City Rockettes perform.  It’s all on one stage, and you can see it with one ticket.

Kermitthe frog in thanksgiving parade

7. Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade – November 27th, 2014.

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is viewed by millions on television, and hundreds of thousands in person.  Beginning on Central Park West and heading south before jogging southeast on West 59th to 6th and finishing in front of the Macy’s Herald Square on 34th street,  the parade offers two and a half miles of public viewing joy.  Over 50 balloons amaze children and adults each year.  Did you know that the crews pulling the balloons train as a team in advance of the parade and respond to commands from a team leader?  They wear gloves to protect their hands from the ropes as well as from the cold.  We recommend arriving with your friends or family (very) early and staking out a viewing spot away from 6th Avenue between 34th and 38th Streets or on Central Park West (the Grand Stand area is not open to the public).

Tavern On The Green Fall food trucks and seating

8. Thanksgiving Dinner at Tavern on the Green, Call now.

The Tavern on the Green is newly renovated, yet remains a classic icon of New York holiday lore.  This Thanksgiving, make a reservation which will snuggle your New York trip in your memory with a bold “Check!” on your list of things you have always wanted to do in The City.  The Tavern’s Thanksgiving meal this year includes a prix fixe menu of four courses and a glass of Prosecco to sweeten the deal, for $125.00. Childrens’ portions of the same menu fare are available for $70.00.  Make a reservation for this Central Park restaurant, and you will always be able to say, “We had Thanksgiving at The Tavern on the Green.”

Nut cracker ballet on stage performance

9. The Nutcracker, the NYC Ballet – November 29th – January 4th.

Everyone should see The Nutcracker at least one time.  In New York, the New York City Ballet offers their world-class show at Lincoln Center (70 West 63rd Street).  Tickets are available for this ballet celebrating holiday dreaming, beautiful costuming, choreography to remember, and dancing you’ll want to imitate when nobody is looking.  Seeing a holiday show at Lincoln Center, New York – yes, it’s a terrific idea.

Christmas tree with angles

10. NYC Tree Lighting & Concert – December 3, 2014 (and lit until) January 7, 2015.

From 7:00-9:00pm a FREE outdoor (and televised) concert filled with today’s favorite music and pop culture personalities will begin this season’s Rockefellar Plaza Christmas Treeseason.  The enormous tree, which is gift from an annually chosen U.S. town somewhere within driving distance, will remain lit at 20 Rockafellar Plaza until 8:00pm on January 7th.

Menorah Lighting Grand Army Plaza

11. Great Menorah Lighting – December 16th – December 23rd, 2014.

The largest Menorah (32 feet tall and made of steel) to be lit in New York City this year will begin to shine at  8:30 pm (at the end of The Sabbath) on December 16th.  The Menorah will bring those of the Jewish faith together as Hanukkah, The Festival of Lights, begins.  See the Menorah lighting or visit it during Hanukkah at Grand Army Plaza, at 5th and 59th Streets.

Vintage black and white picture of New Years Eve in New York City

12. New Year’s Eve in NYC – December 31st, 2014.

New Year’s Eve in New York City should be a night to remember, in a good way.  We recommend going straight to The Times Square Alliance, the neighborhood experts on all that will happen in Times Square on New Year’s Eve.  The Times Square Alliance recommends several parties which still have availability at time of post.

Those wishing to jump right into the drink (we mean the sea of humanity hoping to see the ball drop in person), must try entering the area between 42nd – 47th Streets on 2nd Avenue before the NYPD cordons it off for safety purposes – this could be early afternoon.  The people you see near the grand stand on television arrive at or before lunchtime to secure spots.  This can make for a chilly and long day.  The ambient temperature at midnight on New Year’s Eve in NYC is likely to be between 1 degree F and 33 degrees F, so be prepared.

The NYPD are caring and careful, but not flexible once the area has been closed off to additional foot traffic.   If you prefer not to mix with millions (or even hundreds of thousands) late at night, be sure to get to your favorite pub or club early (8:30 at the latest), as many fill early.  Ask in advance to be sure you are included in anything special your favorite spot has planned for the big night.  Or… cuddle up and watch the Waterford Crystal ball drop on television.  More to come on Archetype as New Year’s Even approaches.

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