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A Warm Welcome with a local twist

Thoughtful moments + local connections

As Archer was planning the hotel experience for his guests, he knew that he wanted to include some sort of welcome treat in the room. The great debate was whether to offer something sweet or something salty. So he gathered his trusted team to taste-test (quite a treat in itself). The group quickly settled on salted caramels — bringing both tastes together in one neat package. Numerous tastings later, they found the perfect consistency.

A welcome treat in Archer’s Den — Archer Hotel Tysons

This flavorful journey began in New York, where we partnered with The Sweet Life, a local confectioner. Since then and for each of our locales, we’ve found candy makers that create the best-of-the-best salted caramels in each region.

At every Archer Hotel, guests are greeted in-room with two bottles of sustainable FIJI Water and two mouth-watering salted caramels from our favorite local partners — enjoy with our compliments as a small thank-you for traveling to stay with us.

Two bags of salty-sweets from New York’s The Sweet Life

Fun Caramel Facts

  • Salted caramel was invented by French pastry chef Henri Le Roux in 1977. To make his caramel stand out from the crowd, he incorporated salted butter already made famous in Brittany. The rest is history.
  • Archer distributes approximately 300,000 caramels each year via welcome amenities at each hotel.
  • Jonesing for more? Each hotel sells bundles of its salted caramels to take home with you to share with family and friends (or keep for yourself — we won’t judge).
Photo courtesy of Jonboy Caramels

Several of the confectioners make them exclusively for Archer Hotel, while others also sell the confectioneries in their bricks-and-mortars. Here’s the short-but-sweet list of local, small businesses that cook up these bites of heaven.


Edis Chocolates & Bakery — Just down the proverbial road from Archer Hotel Austin, Edis makes lovely salted caramels exclusively for our guests.


McCrea’s Candies — Order these delicious Cape Cod Sea Salt Caramels online, at one of its (many) retailers across the U.S. or in the market in Archer Burlington.


La Vache Microcreamery — Based in Charlottesville, Virginia, La Vache has an online presence and sells salted caramels through multiple outlets across the East and West Coasts.

A note from Archer with two salted caramels — Archer Hotel Napa


The Sweet Life — This long-standing Manhattan storefront is now an independent confectioner that exclusively makes salted caramels for Archer Hotel in Florham Park and New York.


Anette’s Chocolates — Family-owned and -operated for more than 30 years, our California partner offers their salted caramels in its two Napa shops and online.


Jonboy Caramels — These small-batch salted caramels can be found in a bevy of Washington and Oregon retail locations, as well as several online stores.

A warm welcome — with a twist

Sweet Talk From Archer’s guests


“In the room we were welcomed with complimentary water bottles and caramels (very nice touch).” — Tripadvisor


“The rooms were very clean and modern and the caramels in the room were to die for!” — Tripadvisor


“The salted caramels on check-in and bedtime cookies made for a very special experience.” — Tripadvisor


Cape Cod Sea Salt Caramels — photo courtesy of McCrea's Candies

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