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NYC Snacks 8 of Archer's Favorites

The Pickle Guys

Pickle people so proud of what they do that their website boasts about the “pickly smell” wafting through the neighborhood? That’s the Pickle Guys. Along with several pickle flavors, they have pickled fruits, condiments, peppers, tomatoes (pickled and not), vegetables and cute T-shirts that help spread the pickled love.

The Meatball Shop

The Meatball Shop‘s B’All Trio Sampler gives three different balls (classic, spicy pork, chicken) with three delicious sauces. Veggie-friendly small plates include Mozzarella B’Alls, Sicilian White Bean Hummus and Crispy Chickpeas. Or order a side of C’Alliflower that’s roasted, then fried and Caesar-seasoned. Yum.

Gray's Papaya

When what you really want is a New York dog, you really want a Gray’s Papaya. Add chili and cheese for about a buck and you’re a happy camper. The tropical daytime drinks (coconut, banana, piña colada, papaya) always hit the spot.

Hole in the Wall

Coffee the way it is supposed to be, made by a neighbor and ready in about a minute. Hole in the Wall in Murray Hill serves piping hot specialty coffees, including a mean Cortado. A Brekkie Roll will tide you over till late lunch. So will an order of Parmesan fries served with truffle aioli.

Rice to Riches

Rice to Riches brings hearty snacking with a sense of humor. “No Skinny Bitches” signage welcomes everyone for such shameless flavored rice pudding treats as Fluent in French Toast, I Gotta the Panna Cotta and Man-made Mascarpone.

Greenacre Park

Pocket parks, such as New York City’s Greenacre Park, are terrific places to spend a few quiet moments during the day. They help visitors feel more centered and serene. With a snack — or perhaps in place of one — a few minutes spent here is a Zen snack for the soul.


Irresistible mac ‘n’ cheese. S’MAC serves up cheesy smothered noodles (regular, low-carb, multigrain or gluten-free). The good kind of cheesy. And yes, it’s available in a “nosh” size to get you over your munchies.

Spyglass Rooftop Bar

A shareable snack, a craft cocktail or glass of well-traveled wine and a killer Manhattan view? That’s a recipe for fun. Come up to Spyglass Rooftop Bar on Archer Hotel New York’s 22nd floor for a photo-ready view of the Empire State Building. Spy what you will through our rooftop viewfinder. And enjoy the moment.

Spyglass Rooftop Bar's Crispy Rosemary Fries dusted with Parmesan

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