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Progress — Midtown West Boutique Hotel Nears Completion

Progress! (And a new anticipated opening date).

Everywhere, talk turns to waiting for Spring’s arrival. The anticipation at 45 West 38th Street goes way beyond weather as a new planned opening date is on record.

Archer Hotel New York, the new Midtown West boutique hotel, will soon welcome overnight guests and a discerning dining public eager to experience Chef David Burke’s latest culinary stylings.  Opening Day has slid a bit, to mid-May 2014, for this member of’s “15 Most Anticipated Hotel Openings of 2014” list.  Read on for an insider’s progress report, and an exclusive peek inside.

More Than a Feeling

A hardhat tour of the property with the hotel’s Director of Construction, Jeff Thomas, offers conceptual and visual understanding.

“The property is nearing completion.  Excitement is building, because we can now see the final product emerging.  Guest Room Fit and Finish, during which we place items specifically in each room, is almost done.  That step is particularly satisfying for the onsite team.”

Jeff  and the Archer Hotel operation’s team are already hard at work full time in housekeeping, engineering, sales and general management roles.  Each person has a long list of tasks each day (sometimes longer than a day allows), but the positive energy of the hotel’s opening team is electric.  Some items still underway include final placement of energy source outlets and city approvals.

An example of visible progress is in the lobby, where modern tile design meets reclaimed/repurposed stacked wood (from an 1870’s Connecticut barn), and rustic brickwork on an opposing wall.  The three materials meet, marry well, and introduce the look and feel of Archer Hotel New York in one dramatic corner of the lobby.  As segments of the project like this are completed, more of the Archer story is visible.

Archer Hotel Construction

“Every day, we make progress.  All three elevators are built, although their finished appearance is still hidden behind temporary protective covering.  In guest rooms, furniture is installed through the 18th floor in a phase we call fit and finish.  Floors 19-21 are scheduled for next week. The millwork for the rooftop bar has also begun and the pavers are already underfoot.  The railing has been installed up on the rooftop and is fabricated of stainless steel half rounds and glass plating.”

Material is Material

Hard and Soft Goods bring the concept of the hotel within tactile reach of each guest.  From a brushed nickel lamp trim to a leather headboard, each touchable item inside Archer Hotel New York guest room has been placed intentionally. Archer thoughtfully selected an offering of bedtime reading and has chosen artwork to express his engaging personality:  modern, classic, and a little bit whimsical.

Night stand staging at Archer Hotel

Soft Goods, like bed linen and toweling will also loom large in the Archer Hotel guest’s experience.  Frette brand towels and all-white cotton bedding bring a restful clean feeling to the end of the day for travelers.

Hardwood flooring and four distinct room design styles offer a feeling closer to being a guest in a stylish friend’s home than to staying at a typical hotel.  Guests will sense that fabric and wood type choices have been… material to the story Archer wants to tell about New York.

Opening Goal

Setting a specific opening date can be tricky with so many moving pieces to consider, but a May opening for Archer Hotel New York  looks and feels possible as the team moves into the Final Finish  phase of work. Each major part of the construction project is in day-by-day countdown status.

And that is just what our team is doing:  Counting down.  Counting the days.  Counting on you to come and stay with us at our unique new luxury boutique hotel.  Continue to follow this blogArchetype, for updates on the opening of Archer Hotel New York.

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