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Archer Hotel New York Meets Garment District Neighbors

The Garment District of New York is morphing as a new generation of start-ups joins the steady garment-related industry in the neighborhood. Fashion fans and Garment District industry purists worry about the future of the district and work tirelessly to bring back the élan associated with the idea of a garment being "Made In Manhattan," or "Made in New York." The city government has been able to affect some slowing of garment businesses being forced out of the district over the past 20 years, but appealing to consumers is likely a better long-term answer to the problem. To best support any industry, consumers need to know where to find interesting and high quality goods, and they need to seek them out.

In workrooms and in the shops, much original garment work and retailing continues, and we believe that some of the neighborhoods most stalwart, most unique businesses deserve some attention. Please enjoy this list of garment-related businesses currently in operation (let's say currently thriving) in New York's history rich Garment District. Better yet, stop in and visit them in person or online. Custom made shirts and suits are making a comeback. You could be on the cuff of the trend.


Fashion Designer Nanette Lepore provides both modern ready to wear fashion and support for the fashion industry in her New York Garment District neighborhood. If you'd like to own a true piece of New York fashion, you'd like to own a Nanette Lepore piece. 423 Broome Street and 958 Madison Avenue are home to two of her shops. When in New York, go and see what all the fuss and the collective desire to protect the future of New York designers is about.


Saint Laurie Merchant Tailors is a family owned tailor shop at 22 West 32nd Street, which is part of the history and the future of the garment district. Stop in. If you are lucky enough to meet Andrew Kozinn, tailor, ask him what he thinks about women's suiting and the cut of women's trousers/skirts. He definitely has an opinion.


Satya Twena, Millenery Designer, single handedly (well, with the help of almost 1,400 friends) saved one of New York's remaining millenary factories just this January with a "Kickstarter" fundraising campaign. The drama involved in saving a factory can only be matched by how striking you'll look in a handmade custom hat from a New York City milliner.


Bob Bland at Manufacture New York offers a launching pad, production space, showroom events, retail space to designers who mean to sustain the value of the phrase "Made in the U.S.A.,” and offers an accessible Fashion Week experience full of events, shows and competitions.


Duffy & Quinn/Craft Robes are clothiers many of us will never need to visit. Their shop is at 247 West 37 Street. We include them in our list because their specialty is clerical and judicial robes. They count several Catholic Bishops as clients and are preferred because they keep close track of repeat clients' measurements.


A list of Garment District businesses is complete once it includes at least one trim shop. Choosing one to feature is the challenge. If you are looking to replace one button, or make fantastic an otherwise stale garment, visit Daytona Trimmings Co at 251 W 39th Street, for the trim you need. Trim shops like this one are a real part of the neighborhood and the fashion industry, and are accessible at reasonable price points to hobbyists and professionals alike.

The garment industry isn't whispering in the background of the bustling and growing NYC Garment District or slinking into history. Energy and fortitude are the industry's long suit, so The Archer Hotel team expects to be neighbors with garment designers and producers for a long time to come. We are proud to have built our first Archer Hotel amongst such savvy and energized business people.

Follow this blog know more about goings on in the Garment District, and about gracious living and our favorite finds in each Archer Hotel City. Better yet, visit the Archer Hotel New York in Midtown Manhattan and stay for a while.