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Big Little Beer in New York City


Craft beer brewers offer so many types of craft beers and social scenes.  And, there are seemingly countless breweries and events to choose from in a city the size of New York.   Archer believes every group of friends and co-workers should find a “spot” where they meet to celebrate and relax, so he offers this list of bars and seasonal and craft beers, and a few events you might audition this September:

brooklyn brewery

The Brooklyn Brewery will partner with its sister Swedish brewery, Nya Carnegiebrygger,  at the North Food Festival September 12-19, 2014.  Visit the festival to switch things up and to try some Scandinavian and Nordic food.  Or meet friends at the actual Brooklyn Brewery for a scheduled tour.  A few featured beers to look for at the festival and at your favorite pub:

Nya Carnegeiebrygger’s AMBER is bitter and finishes well, and their J.A.C.K. IPA  is full of happy citrus hoppiness.

Brooklyn Brewery’s own seasonal brews include Brooklyn Post Road Pumpkin Pale Ale offers all its name promises, and they proudly describe their Oktoberfest as “full bodied, malty, having a bread aroma, and brisk.”

Idle Hands, East Village

With a motto like “Bourbon. Beer. Rock.,”  Idle Hands offers all the atmosphere as you can handle.  September 24th-27, 2014 is the night Idle Hands Pumpkin Beer Tasting event.  Set up a ride home in advance, get tickets online for a three beer + one whiskey tasting or a 10 beer tasting, and tell us which pumpkin beer is your favorite.

Spyglass or Bugatti Bar, at Archer Hotel New York

Pick a vibe to select your Archer Hotel New York bar.   Archer always recommends the clean finish of Warsteiner beers from the brewery of a close friend in Germany.

Fall-specific on the menu is Sam Adams Octoberfest , a well known seasonal beer with blended rich malts for a hearty, smooth flavor with notes of caramel.  Or try something new, like:

Rekorderlig Pear Cider of Sweden, which is a beautiful crisp pear cider served over ice with lime,

Ommegang Scythe & Sickle ,  a New York grain ale of barley, wheats, oats, and rye with a malty, creamy finish, or

Sixpoint Autumnation, which is slated to be released the first week of October and will give you reason to return for another evening with friends.

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