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Fatty Sundays - Hotel Amenities With Flavor

Sprinkles perfect the pretzel

At Fatty Sundays, we specialize in completely custom colored sprinkle pretzels, which make the prettiest snack, gift or special event favor. Name a single color or color palette, and we can create a custom sprinkle to match or compliment it! We “think in color” and strive to make the most beautiful and delicious treats for all of life’s special events.

Hungry yet? Head over to our Fatty Sundays website to check out our pretzels or check out our Instagram Feed to get a glimpse into the sweet and colorful world of Fatty Sundays!

We are happy to partner with Archer and his new boutique hotel on 38th Street, and we hope you’ll love our pretzels during your stay.

Meet Fatty sundays

We are a Brooklyn based start-up business that makes specialty fun-flavored chocolate covered pretzels. About 2 years ago, my sister (Lauren) and I set out to redefine and modernize the classic chocolate covered pretzels that, thanks to our mom, we loved so much growing up. We serve private events, businesses, shops and our regular individual customers.

Pretzel Flavors

Long gone are the days of boring, regular-old chocolate covered pretzels.


Smooth Mint,

Toasted Coconut,

Toffee Crunch,

Banana Cream,

Spicy Almond,

Lemon or Orange Cookie, & the list goes on!

Our pretzels are dipped in decadent milk, dark or white chocolate. Fatty Sundays confections are at the delicious crossroad of sweet and salty. Each and every bite packs a ton of flavor, texture and crunch. We’re always coming up with new flavor combinations, and finding inspiration in the ‘foodie’ world in Brooklyn and NYC and our travels. We love it when our fans and customers suggest flavor ideas, too!

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