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Favorite Finds Guide to NYC: First Edition

“Intelligence isn’t knowing all of the answers. It’s knowing where to find them.”

It's a saying so wise that many think Albert Einstein said it, or something similar to it.  It’s meaningful commentary for today's world of deeply rich and sortable online resources, isn’t it?   Archetype wants to narrow your search for resources related to topics like travel, favorite finds and gracious living. Start with a few resources at a time instead of being overwhelmed by the possibilities of all New York offers and feed your city knowledge in bite sized portions.  Welcome the first edition of Archer's:

Favorite Online Resource Finds for NY- ophiles: A starter guide to NYC. New York Food Blogs:

-Check out Serious Eats.  It offers sorting by neighborhood.  If you are a local or a visitor, what better way to find a vetted spot near where you’ll be at mealtime today?

-Grub Street is the food blog.  If you already know about it, here is a reminder to visit it again for up to date interviews and advice.  If you are new to this blog, be warned that you’ll soon be hungry.

-You know to use Urbanspoon or Yelp to check out a restaurant before making a reservation on Open Table, right?  Just in case, we include them in our first food resource list for your use.

New York Tidbits To Know:

-This Buzzfeed post, called “60 Things You Probably Didn’t Know about New York City” calls to mind the city’s storied history and fascinating cultural condition.  Here are 60 things to talk about at dinner (we suggest choosing one or two).

-If you need more details and fewer facts to get a conversation started, try reading this 10-point Listverse post about New York City.  The list points out how unique an experience looking up at city buildings and walking through Central Park  can be in New York on just the right days.

New York Style Blogs:

-Women can cut their style blog following teeth at Refinery29, which claims millions of readers as theirs, including two in the Vatican and one in North Korea, and was also featured in an online article by FastCompany on March 19, 2014.

-Men, read Valet.  It’s a blog with truly helpful information including tips on how to buy a good suit and get the most wear out of it, and how to know if you are getting the right haircut.  If credentials help persuade you to peruse, this is a good blog to start with, as ranks them as one of "The 25 Best Men's Style Blogs."

Archetype is an offering of Archer Hotel New York.  Return to this blog for more resources presented to help you enjoy New York.  Like us on Facebook to become more and more in the know about developments New York’s Garment District and Midtown Manhattan at large.  One morsel at at a time, you'll build your city savvy over time.


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