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Summer Events in NYC

Hot Town

Yes, it gets quite warm in New York City during summer months. Even it’s northern U.S. address can’t keep the tall buildings and infrastructure from heating things up an extra little bit.

If you travel to New York in July or August, you’ll be needing something fun on your itinerary – something not everyone you know will have already heard about during these warm weeks. If you are a city dweller and you will be in town rather than away, you might also consider shaking things up a bit so that you have something to talk about when your colleagues return from points North and South. Why should they have all the fun?


Mister Sunday Outdoor party anyone?

Mister Sunday – try a daytime music party with casual food and vibes at Industry Park in Brooklyn.  Come along to relax and fill a Sunday with something better than errands and chores. Check out their website for information on the next Sunday event.  What’s to stop you from becoming (sort of hip) during this trip?

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Hudson River Park Enjoy free live music

Hudson River Park will host its free concert series called RIVERROCKS on Pier 84 July 10th and 24th, and August 7th.  You can make it to one, right?  This year, come and see/hear Wild Beasts, Temples, and Teenage Fanclub.  Things in New York can seem expensive.  Be sure to take advantage of the unique and free activities when you are able.

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The Cloisters Museum and Gardens Explore the history, the spaces, and the art

In both the “I can’t believe this is in The City” and the “I have always wondered about those buildings along the Cross River Parkway” categories, you'll find The Cloisters Museum and Gardens.  This peaceful and historic collection of medieval buildings house a fragrant garden, lovely art including a tapestry you’ll remember from History Class, and a special cafe.  Get your ticket by using “New York Pass,” and you can then pop over to the Metropolitan Museum of New York for free after a morning stroll and quiet lunch through these stone buildings.

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New York City Restaurant Week 2014 Head out and explore a new dining experience

New York City Restaurant Week 2014 – Okay, so it’s not a single event… but it IS a chance to have excellent multiple course meals in some of New York’s best restaurants at reduced prices.  From July 21st through August 15, New York restaurants who participate offer bookable tables and feature fantastic tastes of their menus.  Try the bistro you’ve admired for so long by booking a table, taking a long lunch with a friend, and letting the rest of the day invent itself.

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Lincoln Center Outdoors Entertainment for all members in your party

Lincoln Center Outdoors – From July 25th through Aug. 12, Lincoln Center’s plaza will host events set up to entertain and please all members of your party (or family). One example of a well reviewed act is Mamadou Kelly (pictured at the top of this post), an Afro-Pop performer, playing music from Mali and Niger.   This annual string of international musical events is free.  If you’re a visitor to New York, won’t you be glad to say you attended a concert at Lincoln Center?

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