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Malin + Goetz Get Under Our Skin

Specialized, but Friendly Advice

Name a skin condition and Malin+Goetz can likely recommend products gentle or insistent enough to help. Or, do you want to maintain fresh, protected skin and don’t have a specific complaint?  Spend a few minutes learning from the Malin+Goetz experts by watching their charming video tutorials on skincare. Their matter-of-fact approach to issues many of us have is refreshing. A little eczema, you say? Not embarrassing at all when curative advice comes from such clean-faced and friendly experts. In-person consultation is relaxed and easy at each Malin+Goetz shop.

Favorite Finds

Archer Hotel New York guest rooms features some of the duo’s most sought after elixirs for the “ew” that can beset a traveler’s hair and skin. Using the peppermint shampoo and then the cilantro conditioner on your hair leaves our guests smelling like a wonderful sort of “pico de mojito.” Mmm.

Lip Moisturizer.

Lip Moisturizer. Try this tube of easily absorbed, non-stinging elixir for dry and travel-weary smiles. It’s clear and substantial enough to make it possible to skip further lip products (women), but not so much that men wonder if it’s not meant for guys. It’s a layer of protection and a sigh of relief all at once. Malin+Goetz Lip Moisturizer is their “gateway product.”

Essentials Kit.

Essentials Kit.  This kit of six travel necessities is perfect for a weekend away, or sampling to find your next Malin+Goetz staple product. Try the face cleanser first. We did, and our faces felt fresh and clean rather than stripped or taut. The reusable kit case is sized right as carry-on approved for liquids. This kit is a super starter priced at $30.

The Misters Malin and Goetz

Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz brought their respective product and design expertise together in 2004 to create a New York-based line of hair and skin care so elemental its point of view that it's chic. They are apothecaries not claiming to use a pestle and stone to make poultices by hand in their garden each morning. You see, they know that not all “100% natural” products are 100% good for skin (some are too harsh or unstable). They make it their business to use the best of what nature has to offer with the balance that science can achieve, and the result includes skin best described as dewy, soft and smooth.

Visit Malin+Goetz at their Chelsea or Manhattan locations when in New York, and ask for some skin or hair care advice. Or, make a reservation at Archer Hotel New York and be treated to these simple, chic products. Share this post to spread the word, and the smooth skin, around.

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