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Must See Spring NYC Museum Exhibits

New York City offers an enormous breadth of galleries, museums, and theatres. With the seemingly endless number of offerings, it can feel impossible to decide where to explore. We’ve found that it helps to think in terms of fashion—dress seasonally to get the best looks. Read on for this Spring’s must see exhibitions and galleries.

Thomas Jefferson: The Private Man

Americans know Jefferson as the man who wrote the Declaration of Independence, and the third President of the United States. However, the iconic renaissance man was so much more. This exhibit explores his life outside the public realm as a gardener, farmer, and architect. Providing an intimate look at more than thirty personal documents and artifacts. Among the collection is his final letter to John Adams, early drawings of the Monticello estate, and a copy of the Declaration of Independence written in his own hand.

Counter-Couture: Handmade Fashion

in an American Counterculture

Celebrating the handmade fashion of the 1960’s and 70s often referenced as the hippie movement, this exhibits got style. These often handmade, bohemian garments showcase the aesthetic of the time—tie-dye, embroidery, and patchwork dominate these Vietnam Era clothes. However, the exhibit goes deeper than fashion and explores the counterculture that swept away the social conformity that dominated the previous decade. It sheds light on the dawn of the alternative lifestyle that is still evident today.

Native Fashion Now

Native Fashion is just that, a deep look at the fashion and fashion designers of Native descent. Vibrant street clothes and haute couture combine in the nearly 100 object collection. Now features clothing spanning 50 years of iconic fashion, accessories, and footwear that marry contemporary aesthetics with traditional materials.

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