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New York Fashion Week Tips

Fashion week for amateurs

You truly never know who you may see.  Archer Hotel New York opened its doors proudly in May of 2014; it was a fitting and  pleasant surprise when the hotel team discovered that our first guest was none other than Varun Bahl, the celebrated Indian designer.  If you’d like be part of the energy surrounding Fashion Week, be in the heart of the creative neighborhood.  Make your hotel reservations early at Garment District Hotels for Fashion Week!  After a long day of fashion star spotting and/or shopping, the best place to relax is (in our opinion) Archer Hotel New York.

New York fashion week is coming

New York Fashion Week will be held September 4th – September 11th, 2014.  Many related events will be held at and near Lincoln Center, and some are still housed in and around the famed Bryant Park area.  If you’ll be in New York during that time and are interested in catching some fashion vibrations and/or seeing some actual fashion industry people, create a plan for yourself as a Fashion Week Amateur and have fun with it.

Start by getting over to the information booth in the Garment District, at the corner of 7th Avenue and 39th Street.  The Button sculpture and it’s working garment district worker piece are icons.  You can get directions and a foothold on the neighborhood there.

Shop in local trim and fabric shops

Imagine being a designer, a designer’s assistant, or a fashion writer in town for Fashion Week.  Where would you go to find inspiration and to make a few Favorite Finds of your own between events?  The trim shops in The Garment District are unbeatable and represent the never ceasing industry which makes this neighborhood famous.  Archer recommends a trip to Daytona Trimmings for buttons, ribbons and other notions.  Also, take a peek into Toho Shoji(a Japanese beading shop) if you like to bead garments or just want to run your hands through what looks like millions of gems.

Dine in unique restaurants, rather than chains or famous tourist spots

Use dining outlet choice sites to narrow your search for restaurants within the Garment District.  Remember that, if you dine in restaurants usually sought by many tourists, you are likely to see mostly… well, tourists.  Archer welcomes you to try Spyglass Rooftop Bar so that you can be part of the emerging Garment District social scene.  An upscale NYC Garment District dining option is Ai Fiori, a place to take in a luxurious italian meal.  Keen’s Steakhouse is a classic NYC Garment District icon, as is The Bryant Park Grill.  Happy dining and fashion icon spotting.  If, like lots of us, an expensive meal in a swishy spot isn’t in your Fashion Week Spotter budget this Fall, try a spot where everyone eventually winds up – or sends their assistant… to a local coffee shop like Culture Espresso.

Purchase Tickets to an Event

Even if the designer(s) are new to you – get a ticket to an event, get dressed (really dressed), and drink it all in.  Fashion Week is about a feeling, a buzz and energy so creative it’s palpable.  Trying to get tickets to see Ralph Lauren or Vera Wang seems like it may be impossible for you, and it may be.  However, there are events designed for fashion fans and city visitors.  Look into an event ticket concierge service, The VIP Concierge early if you plan to visit NYC during Fashion Week.  Also, ask your hotel’s Concierge for help.  Let them know what your event budget is and what type of event you’d love to attend and be flexible.  They should be glad and deft in helping you.  Try getting tickets to an affordable event and enjoy being near like-minded fashion industry enthusiasts.  Hint: New Yorkers don’t usually ask for autographs.  Play it calm and cool, and record the amazing event in your memory or with a well #’ed photo.

Keep Archer in the Loop – #

Sew up your amateur (never pedestrian) visit to the less official parts of New York Fashion Week by letting Archer know what you purchased, who you saw (or think you may have seen, because that is always almost as fun as being sure), where you ate, how terrific your cocktails looked, and which new look you favor for Spring 2015.  Please hashtag your photos with #howdoyouarcher on Facebook and #archergrams on Instagram.  He wants to hear about your Fashion Week adventure.

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