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New York Obsessed With Hotel Bedding

... and now Archer Hotel New York guests can "sleep on it" and let us know what they think in the morning.

The luxury hotel market in New York City is competitive and bedding remains paramount in the contest.  The Archer Hotel New York design team worked obsessively on quality testing, touch testing, and assembling a visually appealing suite of bedding and bath goods.  The results are, well, what is the word for that feeling you get when you shower and then lay down after a long day and float off to sleep in a lush mesh of softness, firmness and weightiness?

“Guests of four star (plus) hotels are savvy and stylish.  They expect bedding as high quality as or higher than what they own at home.  They know good quality and brand names, and they know what good bedding should be made of.”  –Emily Hochburg, bedding and hotel soft goods specialist

The Archer Hotel Bedding

Custom Throw Blankets
Throw blankets started as an idea during the hotel design phase and became a marker for each of the four stylized room designs at Archer Hotel New York.  Designer Glen Cobin worked with bedding specialist Emily Hochburg (above) to source lovely 90% merino wool throws from Bottega, an Italian designer.  The (four) throws were custom designed and woven for the hotel.  In addition to providing a light extra layer for reading or reclining, the throws bring visual interest and a unique feel to each room’s tableau.  Look for multiple designs and colors including a purple geometric design, a black floral design, and a grey & gold traditional design.

Who knew that bed sheet choice for hotels could take months?  New York hoteliers and experts like Kevin Floyd of Standard Textile surely know it.  Archer Hotel New York’s team settled on 100% cotton, ring spun, combed, extra long staple yarn length, matched-yarn-strand-length sheets.  Kevin defies any brand to stand up to the combined durability/comfort test which his 300 Thread Count sheets offer.  The more he talked to Archetype, the more passion for his work and shone through… a continuing friend-of-Archer theme.
“We compete with major Italian brands.  My best clients to do their own wash testing, tear testing, and personal hand testing before they choose sheets.  We are actual manufacturers of our own sheets, which makes us a rare company.  I love what I do and I believe Standard Textile is the best at it.”

Pillows & Comforters
Archer offers both over stuffed feather and down pillows (firm) and all-down pillows (soft) on every bed.  It’s a luxe set of cushioning for the sleepiest heads of New York’s most discerning visitors.  After dozens of Goldilocks-like conversations with multiple providers, the Phoenix Down 100% cotton covered All Season Down Comforter won Archer’s esteem.  It’s warm enough for winter travelers but not heavy enough to weigh anyone down.  Archer is game provides old school poly options for those who prefer them, too.

The Archer Hotel Bathroom

Toweling and Robes
Bath Sheets in  a hotel!?  Yes.  Although we know seasoned travelers have mastered the art of stretching hotel towels around themselves, we offer a reprieve to everyone who stays with us.  Gorgeous Bath Sheets and Bath Towels from the Italian FRETTE “Lane” design make Archer Hotel New York guest bathrooms smart and soft.  FRETTE is also the maker of the Bath Robes on offer at Archer Hotel New York.  Think waffled, absorbent, long enough for an actual adult, and light enough for practical use.

Bath Mat
It’s time to talk bath mats.  And if you are thinking that a hotel Bath Mat hardly merits discussion, you haven’t stepped on our over-the-top soft and high quality bath rugs byAbyss&Habidecor. Ssssso soft and absorbent.

The Big (Bed) Idea
Soft goods on the bed and in the bath at Archer Hotel New York, are worth wearing yourself out by traveling to The Garment District from anywhere in the world.

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