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A Midtown Artist's Life - Part II, Mitchell Schorr Series


Mitchell Schorr’s approach to being an artist challenges typical generalizations about artists, like that they are flighty, disorganized, gritty or variable.  Coming across him working in the street, when he has a bandana tied to his head and a gas mask on to avoid contact with paint fumes, one could make wrong assumptions. He endeavors for months sometimes, just to get the permits needed to complete a piece of work at a particular city location.  He plans new series in partnership with other subject matter experts (like chefs and night club owners).  In fact, his goal as an artist is anything BUT flighty – it’s as concrete as the walls and city pools he started out painting years ago.

He wants his work to be remembered and for people to think of him when they hear the word “art.”

Mitchell Schorr, the Person and the Artist

Mitchell Schorr says he has lots of work to do and many of audiences to speak to, and he is intensely motivated to continue making progress.  When he is particularly in the right “mind space” to create, he finds himself calling home to tell his wife, Olya, that he’ll miss dinner, and then calling again to say it will be just a little bit longer…  Like a doctor whose day has run longer than expected, he carefully schedules traditional family time at the end of the day.  This can be difficult for a man who says that, although he has a clear vision of what each finished piece will look like, he sometimes steps back from a piece and realizes hours have passed since he last took a conscious breath.

Why Art?

Mitchell is a grounded artist with an enterprising attitude. Impressed by his entrepreneurial spirit, Archetype asked Mitchell how he changed from a kid who enjoyed art to an adult who knew his talent could sustain a career.  His answer sounded familiar and doubles as good advice:

“I couldn’t NOT do this. Growing up, it seemed to make practical sense to try and find another career and I really tried. I just kept coming back to art. And, even though it was pretty hard to tell if I was good or not (because my mom praised me so much growing up that I could never tell if I had real talent), I decided to do it. It’s hard for me to understand people who work with numbers all day, but I know that they love it just like I love art. I couldn’t work in Finance, and most financial experts couldn’t paint even if we tried to switch places.”

Archetype looks for prime examples of creators suited perfectly for what they do to share their passion for New York here in this blog.  Passion for his work, passion for his city, and passion for his life set Mitchell Schorr apart from people who chose careers based solely on practical criteria – and also set him up for success in meeting his goals.  Mitchell Schorr is an archetype New Yorker and an absolute Favorite Find.

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