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Blooming Peak 12 Months of Cocktails at AKB Tysons

The Inspiration
Blooming peak

More than a century ago, Japan gifted thousands of flowering cherry trees to the United States in recognition of the budding goodwill between the two countries. Planted in New York’s Sakura Park, lining the East Potamac Park and prominently surrounding the Tidal Basin, the cherry trees have become a national treasure and popular springtime destination.

In the D.C. area, cherry blossom season is the earth’s breathtaking promise of spring. Trees bloom according to changing weather conditions rather than the calendar, guiding us mortals to appreciate the transitional nature of life.

As a nod to the “this too shall pass” beauty of the season, the inventive bartenders at AKB Tysons have created a refreshing spring cocktail inspired by (and including) the delicate cherry blossom. Visit both AKB Tysons to sample this beauty.
Photo courtesy of the National Cherry Blossom Festival

The Recipe

Just up the proverbial road at Archer Hotel Tysons, lead bartender Patrick Ocampo invented the Blooming Peak. Also inspired by the graceful cherry blossom, this pink drink is silky and dreamy, with botanical and floral notes. Along with green tea syrup, unfiltered sake and gin, he blends in pink sakura powder and lemon juice and tops with Q sparkling grapefruit before finishing with cherry blossom toppers and dehydrated lemon.

Join us at AKB in Archer Hotel Tysons for a taste of springtime — the Blooming Peak is served exclusively here through April 2023.


  • 1 1/2 ounces green tea syrup
  • 1 1/2 ounces unfiltered sake
  • 1 ounce gin
  • 1 bar spoon pink sakura powder
  • 1/2 ounce lemon juice
  • Q grapefruit tonic
  • Cherry blossom cocktail toppers
  • Dehydrated lemon


To a shaker, add first 5 ingredients. Fill with ice and shake well. Double-strain into a rocks glass. Top with Q grapefruit tonic. Garnish with cherry blossom cocktail toppers and dehydrated lemon.


Thirsty for more? Join us all year long for 12 Months of Cocktails. Raise a glass to creative spirits with stories — every month of 2023, we’ll highlight a signature cocktail at one of Archer’s boutique hotels.

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