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Intimate Spaces With Infinite Possibilities at Archer Hotel Tysons

When Archer hosts your intimate event, the result is nothing short of spectacular. Whether for meetings, receptions or celebrations, our industrial-chic Tysons venues are flexible spaces that become memorable backdrops. And our meticulous staff ensures that you enjoy the experience as much as your guests do.


This seventh-floor stunner combines 24-foot wood-plank ceilings with wood beams and riveted steel trusses, festive crystal-clad chandeliers and tumbled red brick walls for industrial-chic ambiance. Floor-to-ceiling windows and skylight dormers let in natural light, while charcoal crushed velvet drapery and acoustic walls with inset floral medallion lights set an elegant mood and tone.

A built-in, full-service corner bar with stainless steel, LED-lit shelves and a rolling wood ladder make it easy to support and customize beverage service for any event.

Something Extra

Extend your event outdoors onto the open-air, partially covered penthouse terrace.

3,025 sq. ft. / 281 m2

  • Banquet: 128
  • Classroom: 100
  • Crescent: 80
  • Hollow Square: 48
  • Reception: 150
  • Theater: 180
  • U-shape: 40

Penthouse Terrace

Some events and splendid weather call for an outdoor venue — and Archer’s seventh-floor penthouse terrace elevates the experience. Just outside the penthouse event space, the mostly covered terrace offers multiple, easily arranged soft seating vignettes, plus movable bars and heat lamps. 

Something Extra

Elegant alfresco events are made a bit more festive with overhead festoon lighting and just-right background music playing from outdoor speakers.

2,110 sq. ft. / 196 m2

  • Banquet: 96
  • ​Crescent: 60
  • Reception: 80

Moonlight Salon

A more-intimate event space, the Moonlight salon features floor-to-ceiling windows, dramatic metallic wallcovering and warm, gray-tone tile. A recessed 86-inch HDTV (plus an ancillary TV-HDMI hookup that can support a secondary roll-in TV) and complimentary Wi-Fi support any presentation. The buffet hosts a coffee or break bar beautifully.

Something Extra

This space is inspired by Jim Morrison — songwriter, poet, frontman for the band The Doors and one of the most influential rock singers in history. He attended third grade at Fairfax County Elementary School and graduated high school in nearby Alexandria. One of the first songs that Morrison wrote and the first that the four band members rehearsed together, “Moonlight Drive” became the quintessential Doors moment — a bewitching, transcendental experience.

615 sq. ft. / 57 m2

  • Banquet: 40
  • Classroom: 16
  • Crescent: 25
  • Hollow Square: 16
  • Reception: 30
  • Theater: 40
  • U-shape: 12

Oasis Salon

Oasis is an intimate salon for events or meetings with floor-to-ceiling windows and geometric Carrara marble-inspired wallcovering with gold accents. Two recessed 86-inch HDTVs and complimentary Wi-Fi set the stage for any multimedia event. The buffet hosts a coffee or break bar beautifully. 

Something Extra

Raised in Arlington, Virginia, Roberta Flack is the inspiration for this space. She began her music career in the D.C. area playing piano and singing pop, blues and folk. In 1973 and 1974, she won Grammys for Record of the Year, and the title track of her “Oasis” album reached the top of the R&B and dance charts in 1989. A musical storyteller, mentor and lifetime humanitarian, Flack was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2020 Grammy Awards. 

865 sq. ft. / 80 m2

  • Banquet: 56
  • Classroom: 24
  • Crescent: 30
  • Hollow Square: 24
  • Reception: 50
  • Theater: 50
  • U-shape: 18

Great Room

A flowering dogwood painted mural and floor-to-ceiling windows usher the outdoors into this industrial-inspired great room on the first floor just off Archer's lobby living room. High overhead, corrugated metal panels with steel trusses 16 feet up complement warm tumbled brick and Carrera marble entry walls. Modern candelabra light fixtures help set the mood in this open, flexible space. The great room is divisible into two individual rooms.

Something Extra

Extend your event into the adjacent living room — with its comfy mix of seating groups and a cozy-chic 360˚ fireplace.

2,430 sq. ft. / 226 m2

  • Banquet: 112
  • Classroom: 60
  • Crescent: 70
  • Hollow Square: 44
  • Reception: 125
  • Theater: 120
  • U-shape: 40

Great Room A

Each of Archer’s great rooms with lofted 16-foot corrugated metal and steel-trussed ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows provides an airy and customizable setting for any event. The adjacent great room B may be combined for larger events.

Something Extra

Great room A features floor-to-ceiling windows and a flowering dogwood mural painted on the historic tumbled brick wall — a graceful nod to Virginia’s state tree.

1,365 sq. ft. / 127 m2

  • Banquet: 64
  • Classroom: 32
  • Crescent: 40
  • Hollow Square: 24
  • Reception: 65
  • Theater: 65
  • U-shape: 20

Great Room B

Each of Archer’s great rooms with lofted 16-foot corrugated metal and steel-trussed ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows provides an airy and customizable setting for any event. The adjacent great room A may be combined for larger events.

Something Extra

Great room B has its own industrial-chic vibe with a red tumbled brick wall donning large window-paneled mirrors.

1,065 sq. ft. / 99 m2

  • Banquet: 56
  • Classroom: 24
  • Crescent: 35
  • Hollow Square: 24
  • Reception: 50
  • Theater: 50
  • U-shape: 20

Living Room

Just off the ground-floor arrival lobby, Archer’s living room offers five casually elegant seating groups on inset rugs — think contemporary tufted and chesterfield sofas, modern high-back and wingback chairs and leather ottomans. It's a sophisticated, semiprivate setting for cocktail parties and receptions. Gather round the iron-forged, 360˚ glass fireplace while taking in the natural light from the living room's floor-to-ceiling windows.

Something Extra

Extend your gathering to the open-air living room patio, with seating for 12 – 18 set on black and gray checkerboard pavers. Patio speakers play favorite tunes while sunshine or starlight sets the perfect mood.

3,980 sq. ft. / 370 m2

  • Seats: 70


Archer’s boardroom is a worthy retreat for 14 guests. Modern ergonomic chairs surround the expansive, power-ready wood conference table, and an 86-inch HDTV plus complimentary Wi-Fi support any presentation. A credenza and a buffet accommodate coffee and break stations. Two peacock-colored wingback chairs invite message-checking and a change in perspective.

Something Extra

Tumbled brick, 16-foot ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows elevate any strategy session.

730 sq. ft. / 68 m2

  • Seats: 14


Archer’s hotel bar is a lively, welcoming gathering place with a central 360˚ bar, a private dining room and three semiprivate gathering spots.

Private dining room — Glass-clad, 300-sq.-ft. private dining room for 10 that can be a light-filled, intimate venue — or a secluded, intimate space with drawn shades. A 75-inch HDTV is hidden behind a hand-painted mural. 

AKB alcove — Semiprivate space for up to 25 with booth and high-top bar table seating for 16 and a shuffleboard table. 

Heart nook — Cozy niche with a sofa, side chairs (seating for 7) and a photo-worthy mural backdrop. 

AKB back lounge — Semiprivate space with mesh curtain for up to 20, with table and booth seating for 16.

AKB buyout — Buzzy, central restaurant and bar, artful adjoining spaces and outdoor patio — comfortably seating 150.

Something Extra

AKB features original street art by D.C.-born Nicholas Zimbro. The vibrant collection pays homage to the state’s beloved slogan, “Virginia is for lovers.” 

3,007 sq. ft. / 279 m2

  • AKB: 3,007 sq. ft. / 660 m2
    Seats: 150
  • AKB private dining: 300 sq. ft. / 28 m2
    Seats: 10
  • AKB alcove with shuffleboard: 435 sq. ft. / 40 m2
    Reception: 20 – 25
    Seats: 16
  • Heart nook: 175 sq. ft. / 16 m2
    Seats: 7
  • AKB back lounge: 515 sq. ft. / 48 m2
    Reception: 20
    Seats: 16
  • AKB patio: 1,011 sq. ft. / 92 m2
    Reception: 30
    Seats: 22


AKB Patio

Outdoor lounge seating and a fire pit with space for up to 30, with seating for 22; can be combined with the adjoining indoor AKB back lounge.

1,011 sq. ft. / 94 m2