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No Map for This Life 12 Months of Cocktails at AKB Redmond

The Inspiration
A Cocktail Napkin

Sometimes cocktail napkins are just napkins. And sometimes napkins are condensation-ringed, serendipitous callings from the cosmic unknown — inviting you to take inventory of your complicated, wonderful day. Archer knows the magic in all of it. So, as a muse to those moments, we invited our talented bar teams to create 12 Months of Cocktails inspired by our beloved napkin series.

The Recipe

For those venturing into uncharted waters, rum has always been the sailor's drink of choice — with only stars and balmy breezes as their compass. Beverage aficionado Parris Cartwright at Archer Hotel Redmond, brings us No Map for This Life, a spirited elixir that captures the essence of the Caribbean and Indonesia. Composed of a mere trio of ingredients, this cocktail pairs well with its namesake napkin.

EXPLORING THE ELEMENTS: Ten To One white rum is an award-winning fusion of Dominican Republic still rum and Jamaican high ester pot still rum. Meanwhile, the vibrant calamansi (also spelled kalamansi), a cherished citrus fruit used in Filipino cooking traditions, adds a zesty touch. Plum flowers are best sourced through specialty grocers or online — just be sure they are labeled edible and suitable for culinary use.


1 1/2 ounces Ten To One white rum
¾ ounce calamansi juice
¾ ounce green tea syrup

Edible plum flower garnish


In a shaker, combine the white rum, calamansi juice and green tea syrup. Shake generously and strain into a coupe glass. Garnish with an edible plum flower.


Make it at home or visit AKB at Archer Hotel Redmond to gather and toast. We will be offering No Map for This Life all year long. Follow along each month for a new recipe and a new reason to gather. Prefer a zero-proof cocktail? We've got you covered.

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