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Tuk-tuks: A Fun, New Way to Tour Napa Valley

Navigate wine country in this new, zippy, convenient mode of transport

California’s wine country holds so much promise as a memorable vacation spot. But partners Michelle Helms and Dieter Pietsch, the owners of Laces and Limos, want to ensure a wholly unforgettable experience for travelers who want to tour Napa Valley. That’s why they’ve brought electric tuk-tuks to the valley, along with all-inclusive packages and authentic good times.

Laces and Limos officially entered the chartered transportation market in November 2017 — just in time for the Napa Valley Film Festival. Its tuk-tuks offered complimentary rides to and from the festival’s film, wine, culinary, music and party events.

“With our official launch only a week away, giving back first was a priority,” said Helms. “By jumping in and accommodating the demand for instant transportation, especially for an event that brings so many people into town, what better time or occasion than this to introduce our unique tour concept?”

Photo courtesy of Laces and Limos | Tour Napa Valley | Archer Hotel Napa
Photo courtesy of Laces and Limos

The company’s electric tuk-tuks seat up to six and are an eco-friendly and unique alternative to typical transportation options. The three-wheeled auto rickshaws are much more energy-efficient than their gasoline-powered counterparts. They also offer weather protection (and heated seats!) and are fun to ride in with their open-air views.

Keeping with its core motto of “good times tied together,” Laces and Limos offers several experience packages. A tuk-tuk tour of downtown Napa takes guests to boutique and highly acclaimed tasting rooms. During the holidays, a package includes shuttling guests through Napa’s Lighted Art Festival. Full and half-day private tours are available, as well as customized itineraries for special events.

Tour Napa Valley no matter the weather | Archer Hotel Napa
Tour wine country no matter the weather

“By developing a tour-model that centers around all-inclusive experiences with transportation that’s both eco-friendly and unique, we may just have found the missing link to tying good times together in Downtown Napa,” Helms said. “With so many options throughout the valley, it can be overwhelming, and we wanted to provide a service that saves time and cost.”

Guests of Archer Hotel in downtown Napa who’d like to experience Napa Valley via tuk-tuk are in luck: Laces and Limos will pick them up at the hotel and provide transportation for their downtown winery tours, as well as in the Coombsville AVA.

Cheers to a fun, breezy, unique new way to tour Napa Valley!

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