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Deep Rest healing Rooftop Spa at Archer Hotel

If a deep rest treatment sounds divine, you are in for a blissful 60 minute treat. Discover tranquility with a relaxing face, scalp, neck, shoulder and foot massage accented by the deeply medatative sounds of harmonic singing bowls and chimes.

Hmm, if you're new to a sound healing experience, here's what you might not know about the benefits — courtesy of Tonia Lach, developer of the Body Journey Massage Experience and School. Tonia trained our team on the technique at the Rooftop Spa at Archer Hotel in Napa.

Tonia Lach using crystal bowls for sound healing.

Archer: What are the benefits of sound healing?

Tonia: From drums and rattles to organs and hymns, to a parent singing a lullaby, music and sound have been integral in the evolution of mankind. These days, poeple are flocking to sound baths and experiencing the beautiful effect of intentional sound.

Tom Kenyon, a renowned sound healer, says, "When sound is combined with intention, healing occurs." Sound, in its many forms, can be a catalyst for great healing. I believe that soon there will be huge scientific breakthroughs in vibrational medicine. But for now, the greatest benefits are that sound healing can bring people to a more centered place or to new heights and expand their capacity for joy.


When sound is combined with intention, healing occurs


Archer: How do crystal bowls enhance the sound healing experience?

Tonia: Instraments that produce a droning sound, like gongs, crystal bowls and choral sounds or humming, have an effect on the parasympathetic nervous system. When that system is activated, it switches the flight or fight response to a rest and relax state of being. Crystal bowls are perfect for creating pure notes of continual droning that easily lull people into deep relaxation and stir emotions of contentment and well-being.

Archer: How would you describe what to expect in a sound healing sessions for someone who hasn't experienced it?

Tonia: It's like having a massage with energy instead of touch. People sometimes report that they feel like they are floating. Our bodies are 60% water, not solid matter — even our bones have a watery component. When sound is applied to water, it arranges itself in a beautiful mandala design. During and after a sound bath, your energy body vibrates in unison. This harmony is felt on all levels — physical, emotional and spiritual — bringing with it a state of connection, and pure bliss.

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